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2017 Scenario 1. Nation vs Nation. January.

Pell Mell.


You have been in a long stern chase across whichever ocean you are on.
The enemy have seen you closing gradually day by day , and decide to turn and fight as a last option.


They start at the top end (East) middle of the two mats heading East but with the two lead ships starting to turn just inside the border.

Your lead ship is just entering the middle of the western end of the mats.


You may field any number of ships of three or more up to your max. Throw a single dice. on an even number your squadrons will be identical to those of the enemy; on an odd you will have one ship fewer than the enemy. If one fewer, remove your last ship in line. It was too slow to keep up.

Ships will sail in this order of arrival. Fastest first, through to your slowest, as would be expected after a long chase.

The wind is from the South, and may veer if so wished. You may use any rules from the Sails official book or amendments made since such as Carronades if they come within your time slot.

Winning the game.

You win if you disable more of the enemy than you lose.
Points will be awarded as per Bos'n's revised rules for 2017.
Good luck in your endeavors.


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2017 Scenario 2 Solo Mission "February: A Matter of Time"


Scenario kindly contributed by Barry (Wahko.)

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March Scenario: The Commodore's Dilemma By Bosun.

The Commodore’s Dilemma: Part 1

You commodore has several tasks that need to be accomplished, some are routine assignments and others require immediate attention. He must decide how to divide his squadron to accomplish these activities. Please list which ships are assigned to duties in your AAR.

Convoy Duty
The commodore has received a message from the admiralty that three merchant ships, loaded with supplies for the army, must get through. Time is of the essence, so the merchants have been instructed to sail at the highest speed possible. The merchant ships will not out pace their escort, but there will be repercussions if they are slowed unnecessarily by your ships.
Patrol Duty
The detection of enemy shipping is one of your squadron’s prime duties. You must send out a patrol to detect any enemy movement in your waters.
Search and Destroy
A local fisherman has reported a very big enemy warship making repairs in an inlet two days away. Send a patrol to capture or sink the ship, if in fact it exists.
Diplomatic Transport
An important diplomat has arrived at your base with a letter authorizing transport to a distant port of call. It is important that the envoy get to his destination safely and as soon as possible.
Repair and Defend
Some of your ships may need repair after the last encounter at sea and you are aware that an enemy raid on your base is always a possibility. Some may be left at home for needed rest and relaxation.

Decisions by the Commodore
Which ships are you assigning to each of these duties?
1. Convoy Duty
2. Patrol Duty
3. Search and Destroy Assignment
4. Diplomatic Transport Assignment
5. Repair and Defend in Port

This must be filled out before you continue.

The Commodore’s Dilemma: Part 2


Roll 1d6 and gather the ships that correspond to the duty your ships are trying to accomplish.

..........1 – 2 Convoy Duty (The three smallest ships in your collection that are not in your squadron are your merchant fleet)
..........3 – 4 Patrol Duty
..........5 – 6 Search and Destroy

If you roll for Convoy Duty, then don’t forget that of the hull and crew boxes should be covered at the beginning of the scenario to represent their cargo.

1. The playing area can be as large as you like, but not smaller than 2 SOG mats laid long edge to long edge.
2. Number the southern edges from 2 to 12.
3. The wind is coming from the south to the north.
4. Do not place your ships on the playing area, but place them in the formation they will be in to accomplish their task.
5. Roll 2d6 and place the lead ship just off the board at the number rolled on the southern edge.
6. Roll 1d6 to determine the direction your fleet is sailing.
...........1. West
...........2. Northwest
...........3. North
...........4. Northeast
...........5. East
...........6. Reroll
7. Place the ships providing the diplomatic transport at the midpoint of the northern edge of the mat. The ships are facing directly into the wind with all sails down. They are surrounded by enemy ships whose burdens add up to the same number as your ships. The diplomatic ships are flying the enemy’s flags.


8. The enemy has sent 1/3 of its crew to the captured ship. 1/3 of their boxes should be covered and the same number of the crew boxes on the captured ship are exposed. Everyone else is locked away.


9. Your ships must remain in formation until they enter the play area. Once the ship is in play she may break formation even if some of the fleet are still off the board.
10. The enemy ships, including the diplomatic ship will try to exit somewhere on the southern side of the play area.

The Commodore’s Dilemma: Part 3

What will you do? Do you complete your mission? Do you rescue the captured ship from the enemy? Whatever your decision is the fate of the Diplomatic ship is in your hands.

Happy Sailing! http://sailsofglory.org/images/smilies/SGN/hatsoff.png

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April Scenario: Letters of Mark mission By Bligh.

" Between a rock and a hard place."

Your depredations in the seas around your base has finally stirred the Nearest Major Power to action. Orders have come down from on high to put a stop to your Marauding ways. To this end, and unbeknown to you, an enemy warship of your own size and burden has been dispatched along with a troopship 74 armed en-flute with only three gun boxes open will attempt to take your base by main force.
By a lucky chance a friendly 32 gun Frigate has spotted the expedition heading for a passage between two of their outlying Islands.
The down side is that the passage is narrow and heavily fortified. If he goes around he will be too late to warn you of the impending attack. The Captain takes the bit between his teeth and steers for the channel.
The up side is that the garrisons are not expecting such an impudent move and therefore only the guns on the rearmost Island will have time to gain the first time double shotted bonus.
No heated shot will be prepared and all guns will be firing ball.

The set up for part one.


Your Frigate will approach from outside the firing arc A and the Captain must plot the best course between the islands.
The fire arcs of the forts ABC and D are shown. Only fort D will have the double shot and first time bonus.
The distance between the headlands is one ruler and also between the two batteries on the Islands thus forming an equally armed cross.
Fire power for the batteries is as follows:-
A 3, B 3, C 4, and D 3, But only D3 double shotted for the first round.
May God be with you.

Part two.

Make it through, and you will be in time to warn your compatriots. Your Letter of Mark ship will sally forth to do battle fully prepared and fully crewed having retrieved your men from the stews and bordellos in your seaport. With the element of surprise gone you will also get to choose the wind gauge for your attack if you so wish.
Should the Frigate fail to get through, you will be short of two crew boxes and one gunnery box. The crew were not all rounded up in time when you sailed. Note that the gunnery box loss does not fill a damage box just effects the fire power.

Two mats are set up long edges touching. The attacking force is to enter at left middle edge and traverse the whole length of the two mats. Depending upon whether your frigate got through you will set up your ship, either at the bottom right of the right hand mat if the warning failed. Or anywhere up to the top of the Right mat and up to half way in to give you wind advantage if it succeeded in warning you in time. The wind direction is as shown in the first part of the game has now veered a couple of points to due South. You may choose to use wind variation after the initial moves have been made. Any other rules from the rule book may be used as you choose.


To prevent the Troopship exiting the right hand end of the table by any means at your disposal. You must prevent them from landing or all is lost.

Enjoy the battle shipmates.


05-01-2017, 13:59
May Scenario: Hit and Run by Wahko.


The morning sun has yet to rise as the river bank slides past you. Just ahead you make out the dark shapes of the enemy fleet, anchored in what they think is a secure river harbor. You signal your single companion ship and you both run out your guns. (Use only two ships) The incoming tide that carried your ship upstream has passed ebb and you can feel it trying to drag your ship out to sea again. The wind joins the tide in its effort. Your ships tack into the wind and you prepare to loose broadsides into the unsuspecting enemy flagship. To sink the flagship would be excellent, to cause serious damage less so but creating fear that there is no safe harbor in the enemy is your goal.


The scene is a river harbor, flowing from left to right. Place both play mats end to end to creat a river 26"x 78" 67cm x 196cm. On the left edge place the enemy fleet facing upriver. Place your ships facing upriver, towards the enemy fleet, one ruler in length away from the closest enemy ship. The top and bottom are considered river bank. The right edge is the safety of the ocean.


Wind is from the left edge (morning breeze), on turn 6 the wind changes and comes from the right edge (afternoon breeze). Ship speeds do not surpass full sail speed even if moving with the tide.

River rules

The tide has changed and there is a considerable exchange. The river speed is consistent with battle sails. Thus battle sails up stream equals no movement. Ferrying, if a ship is at a 45 degree angle to the river sailing upstream and is maintaining a course of battle speed (no forward movement) the ship will move sideways (ferry) in the river the width of the ship away from the heading direction. Example: the ship sails upstream at battle sails and heads to the upper left corner of the mat creating a 45 degree angle to the rivers course. The ship would not move Forward but would move the width of the ship towards the bottom of the map. If the ship is at half sail then the ship moves sideways and then forward as normal. Backing to the wind upstream is the same as sailing upstream battle sails.

Enemy fleet composition:
Rolls a d6
1-2 three ship fleet
3-4 four ship fleet
5-6 five ship fleet

Flag ship placement:

By default the flagship is placed the furthest from the left edge from the rest of the fleet.
You can roll a d6 for chance or put any number of ships between you and the flagship making it more difficult. The enemy fleet is preparing to set sail, at the first sign of battle they will cut anchor and be prepared to engage on turn 2 with battle sails and broadsides.

Sink or damage enemy Flagship
Sink or damage enemy ships
Escape with no damage

Victory points:
+3 Sink the Flagship
+1 Damage Flagship
+2 Escape undamaged
+1 Sink other ships

05-15-2017, 07:39
BRF: Letters of Marque - June Scenario: Honour amongst thieves?

By Union Jack.
June Solo scenario Letters of Marque: Honour among thieves?

Pirates Only:
After a successful voyage you are to meet with 2 of the Brethren ships for a joint venture at Turtle Island. You have arrived first..


Place 2 sea mats joined at the long edges. Place a small sandy island (6inx6in) in the centre of the two mats.

Point A: Your ship at anchor. Guns unloaded.
Point B: Pirate ship smaller than yours at full sail. Will always head towards you.
Point C: Pirate ship same size as yours at full sail. Will always head towards you.
Point D: Enemy ship larger than yours at full sail. Will always head towards you.

Unbeknown to you your last successful voyage has ruffled feathers and a bounty has been placed on your head.
You may:

1. Stay at anchor load your guns in the hope that your 2 pirate brethren will help you defeat the enemy ship.
2. Raise the anchor, load each broadside as a single broadside or load 1 broadside (port or starboard) double shot and set minimum sails 1 Turn, increase sails as normal each turn after.

Once you have decided what to do then act accordingly. Once each pirate ship comes within 1 ruler of your ship do the following:

1. From the crew casualty bag draw one counter for yourself and 1 for each pirate ship 1 ruler away. If your crew casualty symbol matches the other pirate ship then they declare themselves for you if it is not then they immediately open fire with whatever is within range.
2. You may respond to any gunfire from pirate ships firing on you for the first time only after you have removed damage and crew loss. (You were caught napping). Fire normally after this turn.
3. Friendly pirate ships are under your control, enemy pirate ships are controlled by AI.

If you manage to make it to Point E you may escape. Assume darkness has fallen and you have made good your escape.

Turtle Island is flat and provides no cover to gunfire.

Letters of Marque (ie non pirate ships):

You have bribed one or more pirate Brethren to give away the location of a notorious pirate.

Set up as above with the exception:

Your ship is at Point D. (and should be 1 class larger than the pirate).

The notorious pirate ship is at Point A.

At Point B is another pirate ship smaller than Pirate A.

At Point C is another pirate ship the same size as pirate A.

Once you have decided what to do then act accordingly. Once either pirate ship B or C comes within 1 ruler of pirate ship A do the following:

1. From the crew casualty bag draw one counter for yourself and 1 for each pirate ship 1 ruler away of pirate A. If your crew casualty symbol matches the other pirate ship then they declare themselves for you if it is not then they immediately revert to AI control and will try and escape from Point E.
2. You must remove damage and crew loss from pirate A if any when fired at by another pirate ship for the first time before they respond. (They were caught napping).
3. Friendly pirate ships are under your control, enemy pirate ships are controlled by AI.

If Pirate ships B & C do not side with you they will make all haste to exit playing area at Point E.

Pirate Ship A will always try and make for Point E by the fastest route but will not needlessly put itself at a disadvantage but will instead turn to engage before trying to run again.

Good luck

06-29-2017, 08:58
BRF. Nation v Nation. July Scenario. Newcastle, (a simple folk dance for as many as will.)

By Bligh.

The enemy are out!


A severe storm drove your Squadron away from its blockade of the enemy port, and they took the opportunity to slip out to sea with a favourable off shore wind. Now the wind has veered and as your ships close the land once more a Frigate signals:-

"Enemy in sight!"

You may use up to your entire squadron for this encounter, or not, as you please.
The only stipulation is that the enemy must have at least one more ship than your Squadron and their Commodore must be in a three decker.

(This rule does not apply to Barbary coast vessels. One enemy unit must simply be a class higher than yours.)

Normal rules of engagement apply.


As per the chart you will enter the usual two mat set up from the lower left and have the wind gauge which is coming from the SW. throughout the action.
You will see that you have the enemy fleet at a disadvantage trapped on a Lee shore and heading for top left.

To win the game you must take or sink at least two more ships than you lose. They must exit as many as they can upper left in order to create havoc amongst your convoys of merchant men should they ever arrive!

If your Commodore uses his initiative you should be able to seriously discomfit the enemy
Good luck and conserve your shot.


08-01-2017, 12:45
August. Letters of Mark Scenario. Under false colours.

Your ship is cruising in the straights between two chains of islands hoping to pick up any enemy vessels using this route, or Pirate/ privateer ships on the same mission as yourself.
You may also encounter Neutrals, Indiamen, contraband runners, slavers and such. These must be stopped and searched. Be aware that any of these ships may be under false colours until the moment that they open fire upon you. For this game that will never be until you are at close range. Unless you yourself are a Pirate, you may not initiate action until you are assured of the identity of the other ship. If a ship of your own nation appears on the scene, make your private number at long range and expect a reply. If no reply treat it as a hostile. Pirates will assume all ships are hostile.


Ship management.

All ships in play will have an envelope with a set of orders, but no markings upon the outside. When a ship is sighted pick one envelope at random from the pile. Once at long range, turn up a card to see what nations flag is showing. If it is anything but your own nation investigate, otherwise make your number.
Remember even friendly ships may be flying a flag of convenience to evade action with hostiles.
At close range put a shot across the bows and read the contents of the envelope. Then act accordingly.
Three ships will be encountered during the game. Two will be of the same class as your own and one will be a class higher. You will note that several extra envelopes will be prepared in order to keep the element of surprise. You may choose randomly from these when a ship appears.
At the end of any action the next ship will automatically arrive from a randomly chosen direction. Use a dice to determine this in any way you prefer. If you are too badly hit to engage a new opponent, you may seek escape from the nearest table edge.
Any enemy ships taken may be counted as prizes if you heave to and launch a prize crew. Each prize will remove two boxes from your crew for the duration of the game. Ships so manned may be removed from play or accompany you, but only fire as if their last two boxes are active.


Ships Manifest.

Print out and place in blank envelopes.

This ship is a blockade runner and may be engaged.

This ship is neutral and must be allowed to pass.

This ship is a slaver and will seek to evade.

This ship is an enemy and will fight.

This ship is a Privateer/ Pirate and will fight.

These last two envelopes must be kept separate and only one chosen if a ship baring your own flag appears on the scene.

This ship is sailing under false colours and will fight.

This ship is an ally and will aid your efforts in any following encounters.

Ship cards.

http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31573&d=1501612218 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31574&d=1501612264 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31575&d=1501612289 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31576&d=1501612320 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31577&d=1501612345 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31578&d=1501612365 http://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31579&d=1501612394

You may add your own cards of choice if you so wish.ie Russian, Turkish etc.

Table layout.


This represents the passage between the isles.

You may vary the wind direction after turn three if you wish to play those rules.

Good luck to you all.

11-08-2017, 03:19
September Scenario. Running the gauntlet.


Your ships are seeking to apprehend enemy transports shipping troops and war materials down the coast.
To escape you they hug the coast inside the shoals and sandbars where there is only enough depth for Frigates to sail.
To make matters worse they have a Frigate and Sloop escort equal to your attacking Frigates force. All other ships must keep outside the shallows on the other side of the bar.


A series of Martello towers and forts protect the convoy as it speeds down the coast (See picture.)

Because of their elevation, if firing only single ball the long range ONLY is increased to one and a half sticks. They may also use red hot shot. Have three chits ready one of which has a fire symbol on it. If any damage is inflicted on masts or hull when using hot shot draw a random chit. if it has a fire symbol treat as if a fire is started, but do not add this chit to the damage box. This allows for the slow nature of the fire taking hold.

The towers have a damage ability as a three fortification.


The central fort as a seven.


You do not have the elevation to return fire unless you have a Sloop in your Squadron. If so you may arm it as a Bomb Ketch and use it in that way. It will have two Mortars mounted amidships and you may attach a spring to the anchor. Movement on the spring equals a ruler thickness.

The wind direction starts as shown in the picture but will vary according to the rule book after the first four cards have been laid.

You may vary sail settings, but enemy transports may never exceed fighting sails speed. Their armament is reflected in the rules for merchantmen.

Do as much damage to the enemy as you can. If you do more to them than they do, you win. Remember, however, that they can also deploy Liners if you choose to do so outside the shoals. They will enter from the West edge of the table and equal the type and number of your Liners. They will not start to deploy until card six.


Good luck and good sailing to you. You will need it.

11-08-2017, 03:21
October Scenario. Aye eye-spy.
Your ship is on a mission to extract a spy, who has obtained crucial information, from an enemy Island.
On entering the bay where your spy is to be picked up you discover that he has been delayed. The landing site is protected by an unoccupied pair of gun emplacements on an Island in the bay. They enfilade both channels.
You may occupy these if you wish. The batteries are both rated as strength sevens.
One crew box will man an emplacement. Two boxes if you wish to occupy both. In addition to this one box must be engaged ashore guarding the boat which will recover the spy. this boat may be armed with a swivel gun for added protection.
Your spy may arrive at any point during the game. A D six will be thrown after each pair of cards are laid down. On throw one a six will indicate his arrival on the beach. throw two a five or six, three a four five or six etc. until he arrives. Boats move back to the ship at the speed of one ruler width per movement card played.
As the game commences two enemy Frigates appear as shown on the layout diagram.


With the wind in your favour you have several choices open to you.
Recall your boats and abandon the spy.
Abandon the spy and your crew.
Stop for a move to pick up your gunners from the Island, or leave them there to give covering fire whilst you take on the enemy Frigates.
If you abandon your men to their fate, however, it will be impossible for you to recruit replacements for the December scenario, as no one wants to sail with an untrustworthy captain.
The enemy ships have only one option, to attack and sink or capture your ship.
For victory you must escape the board by any edge with your spy on board. Danger of the spy being killed is the same as for the Captain.
If you succeed in your mission, the rewards will be great, and the Prize court after due deliberation will make your award at the start of next year's missions.

May good luck attend your venture Captain.

11-08-2017, 03:23
November scenario: Gun for Gun, Shot for Shot: Union Jack.

Gun for gun, shot for shot:

The decisive encounter for this year has arrived. The enemy fleet are out. No time for finesse this will be a slug fest between two mighty nations battling it out for supremacy on the high seas.

Wishing to reverse the disasters previous the enemy have gathered together some of their finest ships.
Enemy fleet:

1 more first rate (Flagship) than you can muster. Draw a random skill for the captain.
1 more 74 than you can muster. Draw a random skill for 50% of captains rounding up.
1 more frigate than you can muster. Draw a random skill for 1 captain.

Enemy Fleet Notes:
1. The Flagship will be in the centre of the line, any other first rates will be either side.
2. Learning from your tactics the enemy have learned to double shot their guns.
3. The enemy will engage with ball until close enough to engage with chain.
4. The enemy will attempt to close, dismast and once dismasted, board your ships at every opportunity.
5. Enemy ships when down to the last 2 hull or last 2 crew boxes will attempt to leave the playing area.
6. All ships will sail at the speed of the slowest ship if in line.
7. Frigates may be placed at the end of the line or act independently.
8. The enemy have the wind gauge. When placing fleets ensure the enemy enter closer to the wind than you.

Your fleet:
Whatever ships you deem fit to take but the Admiralty would expect all ships to be ready for sea.

Sink or capture as many of the enemy as you can.

The game ends when all ships of one side have been sunbk, captured or left the playing area.


11-08-2017, 03:26
Decembers Scenario: Spider Island. Union Jack.

Come into my lair said the Spider to.......

Working on some very shady information gleaned from a drunken merchantman rescued in a lone boat and claiming to be the sole survivor of a captured merchant man you have worked out where the lair of the brigands/pirates/privateers is.
Spider Island!

Mission: To search each inlet and destroy/capture any ships present.




1. Each inlet must be large enough to accommodate all ships necessary.
2. You do not need to replicate the island nor do you need to sail around it to each inlet, that is taken for granted.
3. Each inlet will therefore be of different sizes and uses whatever terrain you have at hand.
4. You may search as many inlets as you wish, however once you enter you must complete your mission. To leave an inlet with enemy ships in is to fail.
5. For each ship you wish to capture you must lose 1 crew as a prize crew.
6. As long as you capture/sink a minimum of 1 ship then you may end the game. If you don’t you must continue until you do.

Special Rules:

Dangerous Reef: As per the rule book no changes.

Hidden Battery: As per the rule book no changes. Optional rule, you may include heated shot!

Enemy in Sight!: You must sink or capture all enemy or fail. Place the enemy ships at anchor. If you have already engaged the enemy in another inlet or been engaged by a shore battery then the enemy will be raising anchor and sailing out to meet you.

No Enemy in Sight!: Ah well suck is luck, try again at the next inlet.

The Jackpot!: Well here you are can you win the day. Place the enemy ships at anchor. If you have already engaged the enemy in another inlet or been engaged by a shore battery then the enemy will be raising anchor and sailing out to meet you.
If the enemy are ready, add a level 5 shore battery at the entrance for good measure!

Reshuffle Cards: Immediately reshuffle the deck and draw again.