View Full Version : Am I mis-understanding the Boarding rules?

10-28-2016, 05:14
Hi all, I've been playing the game occasionally, for a few years now, and decided to have another read through the rule-book last night, in preparation for a 6 ship-a-side game next week. I have to say that it got me a little confused and also made me question how I've been playing boarding actions. I always use the advanced rules, by the way.

I know there are are some rule changes in the Advanced game which supersede how the the basic and standard game plays. That said, on page 39 of the rules it states; " attempts to board and grapple ....are done at the end of the Planning phase, after actions are revealed". This means that artillery and musketry would come after boarding for that turn. This is how we've been playing to date.

However, in the basic and Standard rules pg 38 it says "Boarding is resolved after artillery and musketry". This seems a bit more intuitive and it made me think I've been missing something; maybe getting the sequence wrong.

So, whilst playing the advanced rules, does musketry and artillery fire come before boarding actions have been resolved. or after it, like I've been playing?

Capn Duff
10-28-2016, 13:59
Hi Paul,
To my mind, in the advanced rules its after planning you reveal the boarding chit to see if any boarding / grappling will take place, but the actual action takes place after the firing as in the standard rules

10-28-2016, 15:41
That is the way I have done it too Chris.

10-29-2016, 04:23
That makes sense chaps. Thanks Rob, thanks Chris.

10-29-2016, 08:16
That makes sense chaps. Thanks Rob, thanks Chris.

You are welcome Paul.
If there is anything else, just let us know.
If we aren't sure, there is always someone who will know.
Even after all this time, there are still new bits of the rules which happen for the first time to people. That is one of the beauties of the fluidity of the game. Almost an infinite variety of combinations of circumstances.