View Full Version : A big thank you to Captain Duff.

10-27-2016, 05:33
I have a great debt to Chris Cptn Duff for pointing my way to these books selling on E-Bay for 29 each. Post free.
They normally retail at about 50 each on Amazon. I have been after them for a considerable time and their arrival in the post today will enable me to help out far more with questions about the various ships in the British navy, The Bonus is that they also contain some specifications on captured ships such as the Santisima Trinidad.


Thanks a hundredfold Chris.

Capn Duff
10-28-2016, 05:42
:thumbsup: welcome Rob, with my last pay I am looking to getting the earlier book myself.

10-28-2016, 08:59
Very nice! I will own them one day.

Any chance of a few pic of the insides? What does it look like?

Capn Duff
10-28-2016, 11:05
Ill see what I can do for you this weekend.
Basically though its like a dictionary, it has the ship class, then lists each ship in the class with details on when laid, built, cost, dimensions, armament,when commissioned. The commissioned bit can range from a few lines to a couple of large paragraphs.

10-28-2016, 12:41
I won't steal Chris's thunder by forestalling him with pictures.
Meanwhile Hugh, DB has written a book review here:-



10-28-2016, 14:59
I'd love to see what they look like inside. Picture is worth 1000 words and all.

10-28-2016, 15:37
I dare say Chris will get back to you with some pictures soon Hugh.

Union Jack
10-29-2016, 10:27
Cheers for the steer Chris & Rob. Just ordered 1 of each myself.

(Only 1 of each left!)


Capn Duff
10-29-2016, 13:27
Thought you had these for some reason Neil.
Got my copy enroute so looks like everyone happy :)

10-29-2016, 14:08
Certainly are Chris.
Once again I owe you a bottle.

Union Jack
10-29-2016, 16:04
The ones I have Chris are:

Nelson's Navy: Brian Lavery: Conway

The Line of Battle:Consultant editor Brian Lavery: Conway

Capn Duff
10-30-2016, 09:33
As promised a couple of pics of the books in question.
These are from the Royal Navy 1793 - 1817

The basic layout is like a dictionary


Some pages have a contemporary pic to illustrate a ship or class


some pages also have a plan of various ships


There are no colour pics, so this is not like an osprey book to assist with paint schemes, but full of ship and ships data

Hope this helps, any questions ask away

Union Jack
12-20-2016, 03:57
Books arrived today, another early christmas present for moi.

12-20-2016, 05:26
That's good.
I got a book from " sealegs" for Christmas on Saturday but it is wrapped up, so still no early pressies for me.
Still only five days to go now.

Union Jack
12-20-2016, 07:11
No surprises for me I've ordered all mine myself. So for the new year I'll have......um...better wait.