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Cochrane. Author:
Donald Adams ISBN:
978-0-3043-5659-1 Category:
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The life of Thomas Lord Cochrane, arguably the best Frigate Captain in the Georgian Navy, was one of daring do, but also an endless fight against corruption in the Navy, from the dockyard to the Admiralty itself.
All his Naval actions were against seemingly insurmountable odds, and would do credit to Hornblower, Ramage, or Aubrey, in the audacious method of being carried out.
This book, details all his actions, from his first command, to the end of the Napoleonic wars, and on to his command of the Peruvian, and Brazilian Navies in the fight for independence against the colonial powers of Spain and Portugal.
Running through the whole is the theme of his fight against corruption in all its forms, and the many enemies it created for him in high places.