View Full Version : Briefing, October Solo Mission: A clean pair of keels.

10-07-2016, 13:22
This mission is straightforward in more ways than one.

You have been lucky enough to come across an enemy ship of the same rate in some distress. It has damaged its keel on an outlying coral reef, and has put in to a nearby Island to effect repairs. When you arrive most of the crew are ashore scavenging for supplies and materials to effect repairs. One broadside has convinced the remaining crew to surrender. Amongst them you discover several American, Italian and pressed French Royalist seamen who seem eager to join your company. Decide how many crew you need to sail the prize, and place this number of crew chits on your ship log. You may ignore one chit to account for the extra volunteers. Now close all the boxes on the Prize crew log except the number you have dispatched to man the prize. Remember you must be able to sail her, steer and man the guns at the very least.
The prize is found to make water too quickly for the pumps to hold if she exceeds fighting sails settings. You must, therefore, not go to full sail. Loading guns also takes double time.
Having put the rest of the crew ashore all is ready to set sail. Just as the two ships raise anchor, masthead reports an enemy ship rounding the Island. She is one rate above yours, and making full sail.
Your task is to try and get your prize off the table at point X. You may use any of the Rules including wind direction changes, but you may not repair the underwater damage to the prize.


As shown below, start with ships in the position shown with at least long range between yourself and the pursuer.
Your ships are moving off at backing speed.

Two mats long as usual.