View Full Version : Stand by Larboard Guns!

09-09-2016, 17:40
Four of us managed an enjoyable SOG game last night. The battle was notable for a high number of leaks which found perhaps six ships suffering leaks at one point. However, the most memorable moment was the sudden loss of Argonauta who struck her colours after just one turn of fire!


A short description of our most recent game can be found here

09-10-2016, 01:46
Thanks for your posting of this report Keith.
An interesting action!

Capn Duff
09-11-2016, 15:01
Liked the report Keith, well done

09-11-2016, 23:26
Thank you both for your kind comments.

The report was rather simple of course and certainly not a blow by blow account. My main focus is on raising interest locally for new players, which I think the report does reasonably well.