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Captain Kiwi
08-17-2016, 03:11

Two French sloops Le Fortune (Captain Louis De Villeneuve) and Alligator (Captain Alexis Baudouin) set of in a westerly direction from La Rochelle bound for a port close to the Spanish border. Fully laden with ammunition and supplies for Napoleon's troops in northern Spain.


Using sand banks and rocks as cover and a N/E wind the sloops hoped to slip away with out being seen by any British Nay patrols. Unfortunately for the two Captains they were spotted by a British frigate HMS Orpheus Captained by the very able Thomas Cochrane (a protege of the Royal Navy's greatest Frigate commander Edward Pellew). Cochrane decided to shadow the two sloops out of range his intention to blockade the entrance to the inlet causing a bottle neck.



The French made steady progress but Orpheus with the wind on its beam tacked along matching the pace of the French although at one point they crept just within range of the Alligator who took a long range shot causing minor damage, Cochrane ordered a slight change in direction out of range.


Then as with all things naval the wind change to and Easterly wind resulting in Orpheus being pushed back and Alligator driven onto the rocks.


AS a result of Alligator on the rocks Le Fortune rammed into the rear of the Alligator although only minor damage resulted this was catastrophic for the French as they were now both dead in the water.

At the same time Cochrane was back on track and seeing what had happened with the sloops performed a couple of manoeuvres which enabled them to carry out two lots of firing. First they hit the Le Fortune with Cannonades causing damage to masts and fires.

Cochrane then broadsided the Alligator leaving it totally un-serviceable.




Cochrane continued with carronade fire and positioned the Orpheus across the Alligators bow effectively preventing any form of escape by Le Fortune (if they could have).



Cochrane then provided surrender terms both sloops were now the property of the crown and the crew prisoners of the Royal Navy.

Both Captains protested saying they would stand and fight to the last man It was then brought to their attention that the Le Fortune was sinking and the last man had left the sloops and were heading for shore in the longboats.





So with no alternative both Captains surrended and in due course were invited on board the Orpheus for cheese and biscuits and a nice Merlot taken from the alligator

As you can see Sea legs is celebrating giving the French another pasting remaining photos show the damage incurred.






08-17-2016, 03:31
Nice AAR Andy.
A good result for the RN. even if Orpheus took some fire damage.
I look forward to your next encounter.

Comte de Brueys
08-17-2016, 03:48
Great AAR with wonderful setting.

Needs an able seaman to sail those tricky waters. :salute:

08-17-2016, 07:06
I am not going to tell you who was sailing the Sloops Sven.:embarass:
Rounding those rocks should have been a piece of cake till the wind veered.

08-17-2016, 10:26
I recognize that terrain and know who sails those waters!

Great AAR and interesting scenario. Very fun read.

With those captains you could have used the Abilities cards. I would have liked to see which they would have had.

08-18-2016, 08:20
Nicely done sea legs! Some tricky navigation between thought sand bars.

08-18-2016, 09:09
I should say so.
I never expected him to attempt that.
Round that last rock and show him a fine pair of heels whilst he was busy navigating round the outer shoals.
A sudden veer of a couple of points in the wind, and he drops his sails to fighting, rounds the sandbar.
In trying to avoid him I pile up on the rocks with too much sails set and the rest is as you see.
I am going to have to watch old Sea legs. He has certainly found them for this game.

08-18-2016, 14:16
Nice AAR! glad the RN got the better of those pesky Frenchies!
Nice looking terrain too!