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07-19-2016, 12:32

"You had better not be swindling me George" Captain Carswell Dixon said to the crusty looking man sitting opposite him.

"The Governors envoy is on board heading to Galveston Island. He is carrying the manifest and routes for every supply ship to the Mexican Gulf for the next nine months" replied George "This here is the route for the ship hes traveling on, its a French frigate, Embuscade"

Dixon reached out to take the documents offered, making sure he had them in hand before passing the bag of silver over as payment. "Ok George, your coming with us. If your an honest man then you have nothing to worry about and you can take your share of the prize. If your full of swill then I suppose you will give the crew some entertainment for wasting their time".

George started to protest and Dixon interrupted him. "I insist" he said dropping his hand to his sword. George gulped and nodded, he had no choice.


"Sails to port captain!" yelled the lookout "its a frigate, all by her loan-some!"

"Well well George, it looks as though you get to see another day" Dixon said staring at the relieved looked man "Double shot, prep the guns well" he yelled out, watching the rush of activity beneath him as the men rushed to complete his orders. He smiled, his crew were trained well. The weak ones among them had fallen and been replaced until only these belligerent miscreants remained.



The two ships closed distance, the French vessel keeping on course and the pirate one trying to head them off before they could reach the island and help could be sent.



The distance began to close and the french captained wondered what the other vessel was up to. She was flying British colors but Britain and France were at peace as of the last missives. "Keep on course and well see what they want" he ordered.



The two vessels closed, the British ship looked to be heading them off. "gun crews load your guns but keep the ports closed' the French captain said calmly. Something was off here.



"Raise sails and prepare to fire" ordered Dixon. He had almost timed his attack perfectly. He looked up at the huge British flag, fluttering in the breeze and wondered how long he could maintain his rouse.



The French frigate drew closer as the pirate vessel dropped speed. "Open the ports and FIRE!" yelled Captain Dixon. In a few seconds the guns roared, double shot screaming out, shattering wood and breaking bodies all over the French ship. Smoke billowed out from somewhere blow Embuscade's deck. The damage was crippling.



The French captain looked down in horror at his ship. Men lay dead and there was a fire in danger of getting out of control. "damage teams deal with that" he said to his first mate. "return fire and some one check that our passenger is ok".



The two vessels swung about but the pirate vessel didn't fire its port broadside. "They mean to board us, prepare the crew to repel them!" ordered the French captain. He noticed the colors of Dixon and the Iratus being raised on the enemy ship. "They are pirates. Ill disciplined and amateurish, they may have landed the first blow but we shall land the last"



The boarding commenced with a crunch as the two ships hit one another. Dixon leaped onto the enemy ship with his crew. "No one kills the envoy or ill gut him and hang him from the yard arm" he reminded them.



The battle was fierce and the French were professional sailors but the pirates held their own and eventually forced the captain of the Embuscade to strike. "We found this man below, burning papers" a crewman said to Dixon. "Good work, take everything you can find and bring it to my cabin. Put their captain on our ship and have Hobbs and two dozen men bring the Embuscade behind us back to port."





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Iratus (HMS Meleager)

4 boxes - 4 gold

1 objective complete
2 capturing ship of similar rate
= 3

07-19-2016, 14:41
I used Two-G's movement app for this game. I must say having it automated makes movement of AI ships 100x more efficient.

07-28-2016, 09:11
Smartly done Hugh. Can't understand why I did not spot this before.
I enjoyed both your preamble and commentary throughout.
A very well thought out and executed plan.:clap:

07-28-2016, 14:16
Thank you Rob! Captain Dixon now has two ships!

Capn Duff
07-28-2016, 16:34
Neatly done Hugh, this was how I intended the scenario to go.
Ill see if I can emulate you this weekend

07-29-2016, 02:14
Thank you Rob! Captain Dixon now has two ships!

Yes this mission also yielded up Proserpine to the HEIC. She will not, however, be seaworthy until the mission after this, on account of the good demolition job done on her.:sad: