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04-28-2016, 08:43
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French Warships in the Age of Sail 1786-1861 Author:
Rif Winfield & Stephen S Roberts ISBN:
978 1 84832 204 2 Category:
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Hardback Summary:
The Design, construction, careers and fates of the French navy between the years of 1786-1861
In 1786 the French navy had just emerged from its most successful naval war of the eighteenth century, having frequently outfought or outmanoeuvred the Royal Navy in battle, and made a major contribution of American independence. The reputation of its ship's design and fighting skills never stood higher, yet within a few years the effects of the French revolution had devastated it's efficiency, leading to defeat after defeat. Find ships continued to be built, but under Napoleon's dynamic influence the navy never really recovered sufficiently to alter the balance of power. It was only after 1815 that the navy revived, espousing technical innovation and invention, to produce some of the most advanced ships of the Age.
This book is the first comprehensive listing in English of these ships, follows the pattern set by the companion series on British ships in the Age of Sail in providing an impressive depth of information.
It is organised by Rate, classification and class, with significant technical and building data, followed by career highlights and fates of each ship in every class.

I bought this book and it is well recommended. Price was 50, but was 35 from Amazon

Capn Duff
05-01-2016, 03:16
Just ordered a copy myself, Amazon UK selling now for 32

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I'm right behind you Chris.

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That looks very interesting, shame the british ships book is so expensive here in the US!

Capn Duff
05-02-2016, 08:47
Gloom, received my parcel, eagerly opened to find the jacket ripped, so back it goes. Mind you will take a quick peek

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Mine is on its way so they can't palm me off with your ripped cover Chris.
I also looked at the British books, and decided that they must wait until my bank account has recovered from Praag a bit more.

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To conclude
As you know Chris, as of this week I am now fully recovered financially,and have the books in question.