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Capn Duff
04-24-2016, 15:20
Captain Marchand and his 1st Lieutenant , Badoc looked into the bay, so the intelligence had almost been right, Marchand mused, one packet ship he had been told, but instead there were two. Not that they posed a problem they were only sloops and would not be too much of an issue for his frigate, if he could get them alone. However what had failed to be mentioned was the fort that loomed behind the two anchored British sloops.
“Time for some subterfuge I think Badoc”, “ Pardon Captain” replied Badoc, “A few weeks ago a English Frigate entered a harbour of ours with three ships of the line at anchor, protected by such a fort. They were laden with supplies for our troops. He managed to heavily damage all three ships and then blocked the harbour by sinking his own ship, do you know how he did it Badoc?” “Ah yes” Badoc replied, “ I remember hearing about that, he came into the harbour flying our colours then run up his true colours before opening fire. He was taken with his crew survivors into the fort. Was he not taken to Paris when an English Squadron appeared at the harbour entrance to blockade it ?”.
“ Correct Badoc, what was he called, I cant remember , began with a H I think, anyway, lets show the English that two can play at that game, hoist up the English Ensign we have and prepare for action. We will sail in there and catch those sloops before they know what has hit them” “Oui mon Captain” replied Badoc and turned to issue the orders. He stopped at the ladders leading to the main deck “Hornblower Captain, the English Frigate Captain was called Hornblower”

The Scene is set, to simulate the British colours I decided that the British would role a dice as soon as the French entered the channel. Turn 1 a six and the ruse would be discovered, Turn 2 five or six, turn 3 four, five or six etc


Turn 1 & Turn 2 Dryade sails forward at full sail.



Turn 3 British hoist Recognition signal from the fort


Turn 4 Dryade reduces sail


Turn 5 Dryade hoists French Colours


Turn 6 The Sloops set off at battle sail speed.
Dryade opens fire on Swan at long range full broadside
Swann replies with rear arc as short range
The fort hits Dryade with a bow rake ( Fort has two arc with a 3 & a 2 strength, the 3 opens fire)


Turn 7 Fairy raises full sail and makes off.
Swan on fire turns to try to take refuge under the guns of the fort.
Dryade Reloads and prepares to chase Fairy.


Turn 8 Swan takes a second fire damage and strikes
Fairy moves to go around the Island
Dryade Raises full sail to give chase.
The fort opens up with full broadsides 3 at short range and 2 at long causing a leak on Dryade


Turn 9 Fairy moves out of the channel
Dryade now at full sail chases


Turn 10 Fairy turn to Starboard and bow rakes Dryade.
Dryade plugs the leak and pumps out one water damage.


Turn 11
Fairy tries to hug the Island coast
Dyade fires a stern rake at long range and pumps out the second water damage


Turn 12
The chase is on


Turn 13 Fairy, sail into the wind and turns to Port and opens fire again on Dryade and takes out another crew


Turn 14 Fairy moves forward
Dryade Opens fire at close range


Turn 15 Fairy sails on trying to escape.
Unfortunately Dryade crosses her rear and opens fire with a stern rake. Fairy Strikes.


Dryade captures Fairy and finds in her Captains cabin plans for an invasion.
As Swann had struck but was within the range of the fort I don’t think Dyade would have returned for her, so whatever she was carrying was left behind ( in fact it was a blank document)

The Bill
Dryade – 6 crew lost, 3 hull box completely damaged, 1 box partially damaged



Fairy captured and taken as prize. All box damaged and 2 crew lost.



Swann Struck but protected by fort so escaped



04-25-2016, 02:59
Bloody fight, Dryade get it in the neck :thumbsup:

04-25-2016, 05:16
Fun story to read. Nice pictures. Good terrain. I liked this very much.

04-25-2016, 14:23
I love the courage of the British commanders! Taking on a frigate in his sloop when he had the chance to run. It seems the execution of Admiral Byng for not fighting hard enough has pushed the British Captains too far in the opposite direction!

Capn Duff
04-25-2016, 15:05
I know it seems strange, it was the luck of the dice. i was using the powder monkey solo rules, but in fact the sloop was firing at 1-1-1 while Dryade was 1-2-1 so not much in it strength wise

04-25-2016, 19:12
I wish I had someone to control the other side. Relying on the AI rules often leads to odd scenarios.

04-26-2016, 03:11
Very nice action! Pity the HMS Swan struck so close to the fort...

04-28-2016, 07:13
Well done Chris.
That was a superb ruse de guerre, and was the second of my ideas now tried out.
Let us see if anyone can discover the others.

Union Jack
04-28-2016, 12:59
Nicely done Chris.

05-07-2016, 18:51
Thanks for this AAR. I think the height of your terrain is ideal and adds much to the photos.

Capn Duff
05-08-2016, 01:49
Thanks Keith, glad you liked the game and pics.
The "islands" are from the Kalistra models from their Hex terrain system mountains range.