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Union Jack
04-07-2016, 15:35

"Well aarrgggh m'hearties, let me warm up ma'hint end at this roaring log fire. Pull up a chair and a jug and one for owld Tom and I'll tell yee more tales of Old Slippery Jim. Aye those were th'days. Now, who's up first with me grog a'fore I start the telling like......?

Yuragud'n my friend agud'n. (Slurp). Wipes mouth with back of sleeve and rests arm on the fire mantle.....

Now after'n that last little venture we went in search of a rumour Jim 'ad 'erred of'n a sloop carrying payment forrah garrison. Now we thought, that'll be a nice earner for us and all. Well it took us 3 days to find the right bay and it twer nearon dark when we spotted them, did I say them...well listen close and don't interupt like, (Slurp) aye there wuz not one but two oh'them Frenchie sloops o'war. Sitting nice and gentle like in this bay with a great fortress overlooken em!


Well Jim weren't havin nun o'that. He order the Big 'E' to sail on hoping we hadn't been spotted seeing hows the moon was ahint the fortres,s there was little chance we wuz spotted. So we dropped anchor like, ahint this island.


Jim called a war council, he did that often as he said two heads wuz better than one..I nearly said there wuz twenty heads like Jim but I thought better and kept me trap shut. (slurp).

So Jim laid out iz plan like this......


Cap'n Jim launched the ships boats and with as many men as he could fit in they set off and rowed around the island into the bay.


I wuz in command of one boat and the Cap'n t'other. We could see the sloops plain as day with the moon lighting them up twaz easy enough. Jim's plan wuz to take each ship in turn, surprise was needed and we baorded the first with ease.


The anchor watch wuz asleep (0) and we soon took the boat over. Nice little thing she was too.


Jim left me aboard with some men to get ready to sail in the morn when the next part o'his plan would unfold....what was it...well wait and don't rush me....'nd for that matter I'm dry and no grog. So no more tale until I have another..........'bout time matey, thought you'd left me high'nd dry on a deserted beach....well we wuz once but that's another story for another day. Now where wuz I..oh yes.

So Jim and the rest of the lads climbed the gunwhale, that's the bit on a ship that stops yee fallen into the sea madam, and onto the next one as they were side by side like. Well blow me, their anchor watch must a'been asleep (0) as Jim soon had that boat all done and dusted too, well apart from the captain who must a woke up sharpish (C) and managed to gather some men but they were soon put to rights afore the alarm wuz raised. All we had to do wuz wait for daylight.


So as the dawn broke the Big 'E' sailed into the bay and let rip a broadside, fair near shat m'pants I did as I'd took to just closing me eyes. Alseep madam, nay just checking the inside of me eyelids for holes. Common ailment when you been at sea as long as I. How long madam? Well neeron 40 years, man and boy.......but I digress from me tale.....


That wuz our signal to hoist sail and skedaddle out of the bay, all part of the plan. So we did, right under the guns o'that big fortress.


We met up later well out at sea. And we struck it rich, A chest of treasure and some funny looking parchments in another ches,t that Jim had taken to his cabin sharpish like.


Butchers Bill:
Not a man lost nor a shot hit home.

2 lovely sloops to add to our fleet!

1. Played this as a cutting out Rob, hope you don't mind.
2. As I boarded I drew an E chit a zero meant surprise a crewman and the alarm was raised.
3. First boat was taken over quietly.
4. The second went down to the last man before the alarm was raised I deemed it too little too late and the fort slept on unawares of what had befallen the two sloops.
5. Terminus Est's arrival in the morning with a broadside falling short was the signal for the sloops to make their exit.
6. As I thought this might have happened then I deemed it again that the fort would not open fire on it's own sloops thinking they were still under friendly control.

04-07-2016, 17:16
Ha, more pirate tales, excellent! :Arrrr:
And such a neatly performed cutting out, you ending up with two completely undamaged prizes, the enemy with a totally perplexed fort :clap:

Sadly my Rep-gun is currently unable to fire in your direction, so my words will have to do :dazed:

04-07-2016, 19:26
Looks like ive already given you too much rep Neil.

Consider it an implied rep point, thinking outside the box. The true mark of a military genius!

04-08-2016, 14:07
My dear chap, you have just cracked one of the ideas I had toyed with when I wrote the scenario.
Lets see who can crack this nut any other of the ways I had in mind.:sly:

04-08-2016, 17:07
Well done Neil, a textbook cutting out expedition if ever I saw one! Well deserving of the Rep which is on it's way from me.

04-08-2016, 23:15
when darkness falls over the UK, then your neighbors Should be afraid...very afraid:happy:
Great set up. Fantastic scenario. And a great thanks to "Jim":wink:

04-10-2016, 03:42
Rep cannon now reloaded :cannon: . Incoming :cannonboom:

Union Jack
04-10-2016, 04:00
Many thanks. That was the fastest game I've ever played. Mind you if the Chris had come out differently I may well have been trying to sail out with the fortress guns firing on me.


04-10-2016, 04:10
I agree!
The Chris is a very dangerous person to cross Neil.:shock:
Get some sleep Captain.:sleep:

Union Jack
04-11-2016, 14:17
Predictive text....should be chits not Chris!

04-11-2016, 15:16
Oh! I don't know!
Admiral Chris in instructing young snotties mode.:smack:

Union Jack
04-11-2016, 17:41
Terrain nearly finished. 2 end pieces to do then I reckon I have enough for what I need/want.

04-12-2016, 04:26
You can show me what you have been doing on Saturday then Neil.
We may even get a game in!:wink: