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04-07-2016, 09:53
Copping a packet.

Captain David McBride raised the telescope to his eye and scanned the coastline for the fourth time that morning.


Closing it with a snap, he glanced down again at the document held by the Sailing Master. The coordinates were most clear and the most precise that he had ever had from Madras Castle, and yet he had not found the French Sloop with the Gold, for the garrison at the Isle de France, in the bay it was supposed to be for its rendezvous. Nor had it been in the succeeding three bays.


He was just about to give the order to come about, when the lookout at the fore-topmast head called down to the deck. "Sail ho! Square on the Port bow Captain."


Snapping open his Bring em near once more he focused it on the next headland, and as the Nottingham surged forward, the whole of the next bay came into view.


There they were, just like two plump Partridges ready for the pot. Unfortunately for the Poacher, they were defended by a Gamekeeper, in the form of a sturdy Fortress on the headland above the cove where they lay at anchor.


Well never mind that, his job was to beat the game out of its covert. With no more ado he gave the order! " Bring her about hard a port, and lively now Mr Baines."
Within seconds, sails were being trimmed as the Nottingham started to heel over as she took up her new course.
"Steady as you go Mister and steer five points to Port of that Fort on the hill, I don't want her to get a chance to rake us."
Aye, aye Cap'n.


As the Nottingham took up its new course, David could see that his arrival had stirred up a hornets' nest. Ships boats which had been plying between the two Sloops were being hurriedly rowed back to their own ships, and sails were being set on both vessels.
Nor was the Fort prepared in any respect. The Garrison did not even have time to raise their colours before the Nottingham was well into the bay.
As the two ships finally slipped their moorings and got underway, a ragged volley finally rang out from the Fort.


Still at extreme range it did little damage to the Nottingham, although one ball took out several sailors manning the bow chaser.


By this time both Sloops were navigating the far channel, to escape the guns of the Frigate. The wind chose this moment to veer, and for a moment both ships lost way as the wind backed and then freshened again.


It was also unlucky for the Nottingham. As McBride tried to slip past at long range, the veering wind and incoming tide, drifted him just within short range of the cannon on the revetments.
A ripple of flashes heralded the fact that the guncrews now had the range, and Nottingham was struck amidships by several balls.


Luckily damage was not as severe as might have been feared, although one shot penetrated tween wind and water, The Carpenter and his mates soon had the hole plugged.
Suddenly more men fell as the Sloop Alligator had the temerity to try a shot with its puny rear battery. Some men fell.


The reply from Nottingham's broadside, was hampered by the escarpment of the Isle in the centre of the bay, but did hull the sloop before it could put the island between it and the Nottingham.


Just as it got to extreme range from the fort, a lucky shot damaged the steering pintle, but by then David had already ordered a change in course to bring the frigate out of the bay in pursuit of the Sloops.


Meanwhile the Wind had veered even more, and although taken aback, it gave Le Fortune chance to use its rear battery against Nottingham.



The feeble shot took away part of the Frigates running gear and a few sailors were injured from the wood splinters scything across the fore deck.
As Nottingham also tacked into the wind, its reply was altogether more effective as the weaker Sloop staggered under the fire power of the 44.


Sails came down and her upper works disintegrated in a battering of iron.


The next broadside came unanswered by Le Fortune as she turned to port trying to gain sea room for a run to the West. Luckily for her most of the shots went high, as the Nottingham met the swell outside the confines of the bay.

Her Starboard attempt on the fast retreating Alligator fared no better for the same reason.


With the Alligator rapidly sailing out of range, McBride now concentrated his efforts upon Le Fortune.


The next broadside being much better aimed, brought down a second suite of sails.


With that and realizing that he could no longer hope to outrun the Frigate, the Sloop's Captain struck his colours.


Once the two ships were alongside and a prize crew had been dispatched Captain McBride inspected his Prize. Considerably knocked about though it was, it yielded up two strong boxes, which when opened revealed, a vast sum of gold Escudos, Reals, and Doubloons.



The pay chests for the entire garrison of the Isle de France and the Isle de Bourbon.


Very soon after this it was hoisted aboard the Nottingham, and struck down in the hold with a strong Marine guard to look after it.

Having secured the two ships and looked in on his wounded, Captain David McBride repaired to his cabin, and with a glass of Port in one hand and a quill in the other, began his dispatches for the Company Secretary in Bombay Castle.


04-07-2016, 09:54
The Butcher's bill.

Mission accomplished.

"HEIC Nottingham" Captain David McBride lost three ship damage boxes and three crew boxes.

Captured one Sloop and the treasure hoard.

"La Fortune" French Sloop lost all Ship damage boxes and no crew. Struck to "HEIC Nottingham" with total surrender of treasure hoard.

"Alligator" Sloop escaped with minimal damage of two ship boxes and no crew. She was carrying secret documents.


04-07-2016, 13:40
Beautiful terrain and interesting battle.

Very good read.

Sadly enough I have to spread my reputation around more. (I thought I did...)

04-07-2016, 17:26
Very swiftly carried out action, well done :hatsoff:

Nice to see more of your terrain!

04-07-2016, 19:28
Its great seeing your terrain in a game.

What is the Nottingham made from? It looks really cool

04-07-2016, 22:47
HEIC Nottingham:


It's made out of Constitution.

04-08-2016, 02:01
When I decided to do the Nottingham, I wanted something with a bit of clout. The Indian built 44s seemed the way to go. A ship that a Captain like Pellew or Corcoran could have sailed and taken on larger ships with a bit of panache.
Looking back on this action, the real damage was done by that fortification, and even a small fort like that is not something to tangle with. Imagine another on the Island giving cross fire, similar to the ones on the sound in Denmark and you would be in no state to fight a battle afterwards.

04-08-2016, 05:07
Nice battle, very good read AAR. :thumbsup: :salute:

04-08-2016, 23:28
Thank you so much Rob. I wonder how many storys you had in mind when you start planing this kind of scenario...unlimited many i guess:wink:
It looks so good with the terrain and fort:clap:

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You give me too much credit Morten.
I only had four ways of solving this problem, and I sailed the most obvious one myself, so as not to give away the other ideas. I am giving Rep for any good ones once I get my Rep Cannon reloaded.
Neil is going to have to wait for a while before he gets his.

04-09-2016, 01:16
I think i have something in mind for that scenario...on monday it will be:minis::cannonboom:

04-09-2016, 01:48
I look forward to seeing your solution Morten.