View Full Version : My 1:1000 USS Raven (War of 1812 converted merchant schooner)

02-27-2016, 23:06

I made this from a 3D printed merchant ship hull that I made and uploaded to my Shapeways site, Swash & Buckle Naval Miniatures:

This particular print is tiny, but it can be scaled up to any size you need -- it just costs more as the material cost increases.
In its existing scale it's $2.24 each, plus shipping.

I made the masts from metal music wire, and the sails from paper. The topsail is 3D printed and cut from my Royal George mizzenmast and sails part (also on the site -- for larger schooners you could buy two of these mizzens, and cut off the spankers to make your schooner sails too.)

The model looks a little rough in this extreme closeup -- but on the tabletop at playing distance, the eye fills in the details and it looks great as a game piece.

02-28-2016, 03:45
Very inventive!

02-28-2016, 04:48
Very inventive Gina.
It has given me an idea of what to do wit a couple of boats which I have knocking about.