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02-12-2016, 10:42
Starting position: The French Privateer Courageuse lies next to the freshly captured Merchantman Le Fortune. The British Frigate HMS Meleager is approaching from SE and starts tacking against the wind.

Turn 1:



Turn 2-4:

The British Frigate is coming closer. Neither the Frenchman nor her prize are yet ready to set sail


Turn 5:

Still slightly out of range, the persued ships both turn to the south


Turn 6:

Finally! The Frigates are exchanging their first broadsides while the Merchantman under her prizecrew starts heading NW. While inflicting some serious damage on the British ship, Courageuse recieved minimal damage on hull and crew.


Turn 7:

The HMS Meleager ignores the Frenchman and chases straight after the Merchantman. Courageuse turns hard to starboard and follows in her wake.


Turn 8:

While HMS Meleager can only use her aftmost guns, Courageuse brings in a full broadside. The damage is heavy on both sides.


Turn 10:

The British Frigate turns towards the prize again, counting on her better trim to bring her away fast enough from her persuer. Courageuse still manages to rake her with one devastating broadside.


Turn 11:

Almost at the same time the British gunners manage to hit the Merchantman with her foremost starboard gun. The prize immediately heaves to and strikes her colours.


Turn 12:

The Courageuse manages to hit the Frigate again.


Turn 14:

While lying next to the Merchantman, HMS Meleager gets raked one more time. She has taken too much damage to fight on and strikes her colours.


Turn 20:

A little while later, Courageuse has finally recaptured the Merchantman and both return to their former NW course.


Turn 24:

Courageuse and her prize are both leaving the area at the same time.


Butcher's Bill:

Courageuse (French Privateer under Capitaine de frégate Chevalier Aubert ):
Slight damage to the hull, 30 men lost.

Le Fortune (Merchantman):
Very light damage, taken as a prize.

HMS Meleager (British Warship):
Damage beyond repair, surrendered.

Renown Points: 3 (+ Prizemoney of 6)

Playtime: 2 hours

02-12-2016, 12:27
Good long fight!

Interesting to read.

02-12-2016, 13:54
:hatsoff: Perfect strategy on Courageuse captain's part Richard. Chip away at a retreating enemy. That English Captain should be shot on his own Quarterdeck for abandoning the fight to chase after a prize. There is only ever one result in a running fight.
Brilliant little action.

Union Jack
02-12-2016, 15:38
Great action. 3rd game down. It's starting to hot up.

2 hull damage. Repair 1 free of charge. End of scenario rule. So 1 hull damage

1 crew loss. Crew replaced from merchantman.

It will cost 1 prize to repair the 1 hull damage.

so 5 prize left,

Capn Duff
02-13-2016, 16:17
Nice action there Richard, as already mentioned, greedy eyes to take a prize cost dear.
Lets see if the lesson is learnt, well done that man