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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 10:57
A link to the 2014 Solo Campaign Missions:http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3713-2014-Solo-Campaign-Scenarios


January's Solo Mission - When the Fog Lifts: By 7eat51

The Navy is always at war, because it is always fighting winds and waves and fog.
---Admiral John Fisher

You have been in pursuit of an enemy ship heading to its coast. Aboard the ship is a passenger carrying vital intelligence. Your mission is to prevent the passenger from reaching shore, and if possible, to capture him. During the night, fog enveloped both of your ships, but as night gave way to day, the fog started to lift.

When all becomes clear, you find yourself within firing range of your enemy. Are you in position to wreak havoc upon your enemy’s ship? Is your enemy in position to wreak havoc upon you? Has a golden opportunity to strike a blow been missed by you both?


Playing Surface: the playing surface is consistent with the dimensions of a Sails of Glory game mat (67 x 98 cm, approximately 26 in x 39 in). North is at the top, east along the right edge, south at bottom, and west along the left edge. Orient the playing surface with north and south having the long edges, and east and west having the short edges.

Wind is blowing to the north.

Choose two ships of comparable strength, one for the player and one for the AI.

Place the player’s ship 1.5 rulers in from the west, centered between north and south; use the main mast for placing the ship. The player's ship is facing due east.

Place the AI ship one ruler distant from the player's ship, using the AI main mast for placing the ship. Roll an 8-sided die, and place the AI ship in the appropriate direction from the player's ship according to the diagram below, e.g. a roll of 1 means the AI ship is NW of the player's ship, going out along the diagonal from the NW corner of the player's ship. Roll another 12-sided die, and face the AI ship in the associated clock direction, with 12 being sailing due north, 6 being sailing due south, 3 being sailing due east, and 9 being sailing due west, etc.

Both ships use ball ammo, and both ships are set to battle sails. The AI ship will shoot whenever the player's ship is in range, assuming its guns are loaded. Ignore all special damage except crew hits. Both ships will engage until within their last three boxes of hull damage or crew hits. The player's ship will disengage, working under the assumption that other enemy ships are in the ares; the AI ship will disengage to maximize the likelihood of reaching its shoe with its passenger.

If the AI ship disengages, immediately set course to the east edge of the playing surface. The AI ship will sail in such a way as to break away from the player's ship, e.g. if the safest and fastest route is to sail ENE, it will do so. Once on its exiting course, roll a 6-sided die. On a 1-2, play the #5 card with the side movement to the left; on a 3-4, play the #5 card due straight; on a 5-6, play the #5 card with the side movement to the right. If for some reason, a different move would be most advantageous, do so, but remember, its goal is to exit the gaming surface; speed is of essence.

Victory Conditions

If the player sinks the AI ship or kills all her crew, the player wins. Any other result, the AI ship wins. If the player wins, the player will receive 2 points toward Captain Ability Points for destroying an enemy ship defeated of the same broadly defined class. Because the scenario goal is the exact same, no additional points will be awarded.

Optional Rules and Victory Conditions

Players must choose to use the optional rules before setting up the game. Once the player places his or her ship on the playing surface, the decision for which rules to use has been determined.

In the beginning of the game, the player can choose to use different ammo, following the official rules for firing and drawing damage. This decision must be made prior to placing the player ship on the playing surface. The player must choose how to load his/her guns prior to placement. The AI ship will use ball ammo.

Use sail special damage. For every two sail damage received, the ship reduces its speed by one level. Both ships use battle sails unless sail damage dictates otherwise.

The victory conditions for the optional rules are:

If the player sinks the AI ship, the player receives 2 points toward Captain Ability Points.
If the player kills the AI crew or destroys the AI sails, the player receives 3 points toward Captain Ability Points. It is assumed that such a condition results in either capturing the passenger or the intel carried by the passenger.
Any other result is a victory for the AI ship.

After-Action Report (AAR)

At the end of the AAR, please write the results according to the following schema:

Captain's name (P or AI) / condition at the end of the scenario / victories and accomplishments

Conditions: Returned to Port, Wounded, Killed, Captured; if wounded, roll for effect according to the solo rules

e.g.: Lieutenant Gerard Dujardin (P) / returned to port / no victories
e.g.: Commander Edward Wright (AI) / severely wounded - miss 3 scenarios / victorious by making it to port


e.g.: Lieutenant Gerard Dujardin (P) / wounded - skip 1 scenario / victorious - captured enemy ship by killing all crew using optional rules
e.g.: Commander Edward Wright (AI) / killed / no victories

I will update the Excel sheet and award any Captain Ability Points, accordingly.

Below is a proposed alternative method for determining captain wounds. You are free to use whichever method you desire. Feedback would be most appreciated.

When half of a ship's Crew Damage boxes, rounded up, are filled, roll two six-sided dice to determine the effect on the ship's captain. Re-roll each time the ship takes additional crew damage.

2-4: Captain wounded
5+: Captain unharmed

Modifiers to Crew Damage Effects on Captain's Die Rolls
-1 if Crew Damage is caused by musket fire
-1 if Crew Damage is caused by grapeshot
-2 if Crew Damage is caused by a rear raking shot
-3 if all of the Crew Damage boxes are filled
More than one modifier can apply on a given die roll

If the captain is wounded, roll one 6-sided die to determine nature of injury.

1 or less - the captain is killed
2 - the captain is severely wounded; skip 2-4 scenarios
3 - the captain is wounded; skip 1 scenario
4+ - the captain survives with minor wounds

Modifiers to Captain Wound Effects
-1 if captain was wounded via a rear-raking shot
-1 if captain was wounded via musket fire
-1 if all Crew Damage boxes are filled
More than one modifier can apply on a given die roll

Below is the original rule:

When half of a ship's Crew Damage boxes, rounded up, are filled, roll two six-sided dice to determine the effect on the ship's captain. Re-roll each time the ship takes additional crew damage.

Crew Damage Effects on Captain Table
2 or less - the captain is killed
3 - the captain is severely wounded; skip 2-4 scenarios
4 - the captain is wounded; skip 1 scenario
5+ - the captain escaped injury

Modifiers to Crew Damage Effects on Captains Die Rolls
-1 if Crew Damage is caused by musket fire
-1 if Crew Damage is caused by a rear raking shot
-1 if all of the Crew Damage boxes are filled
More than one modifier can apply on a given die roll

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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 11:00
February's Solo Mission – ‘Our ships were British oak, and hearts of oak our men.’: By Union Jack

When starting this mission you must play A or B dependent on the result from January mission 1.

A Success: You were in pursuit of an enemy ship heading towards its coastline. Aboard the ship was a passenger carrying vital intelligence. Your mission was to prevent the passenger from reaching shore, and if possible, to capture him. During the night, fog enveloped both of your ships, but as night gave way to day, the fog started to lift.

When all became clear, you found yourself within firing range of the enemy. You were in position to wreak havoc upon the enemy’s ship and you did so. In the process you were able to sink/capture the enemy ship and from the survivors managed to capture the passenger and gain the vital intelligence. With this information the commodore has made his plans.
The commodore has ordered all ships to watch enemy ports and engage any ships leaving port.
Playing Surface: the playing surface is consistent with the dimensions of 2 Sails of Glory game mats (roughly 6x4). North is at the top, east along the right edge, south at bottom, and west along the left edge. Orientate the playing surface with north and south having the short edges, and east and west having the long edges.

Place one of the land pieces along the top right hand edge and another on the top right edge. Leave a ruler gap between the corner and each piece of land.
Place an island with a 7:2 arc battery exactly 2 rulers south west of the top right corner.
Wind is blowing to the north east.

Choose one of your ships of no more than 74 guns.

ruler gap from corner to each land piece
2 rulers sw of corner place the island

The batteries can cover the channel to north and south east respectively.
Any ship sailing within ruler of a shore line runs the risk of running aground.

A night action:
You may choose to carry out a night action. Carry out the sequence below:
1. No to night action: go immediately to ‘Enemy in Sight’.
2. Yes to night action: You have come up with a cunning plan to take the enemy battery on the island and use it to your advantage.
a. Take 2 crew casualty counters and place them to one side.
b. Decide how many crew to take off your ship. For every crew box you voluntarily cover from the left on your ship mat add 1 crew casualty counter to your 2 counters to one side.
c. Roll 1d6:
1 = You have been discovered. Take 1 crew permanent casualty and your landing party return to the ship. Go to Enemy in Sight.
2 = You have stormed the battery. Take 2 permanent crew casualties. You may spike the guns or man the guns. (see manning/spiking guns in special rules). Go to enemy in Sight.
3 = You have stormed the battery. Take 1 permanent crew casualty. You may spike the guns or man the guns. (see manning/spiking guns in special rules). Go to enemy in Sight.
4+ = You have taken the battery and captured many prisoners. You may spike the guns or man the guns. (see manning/spiking guns in special rules). Go to Enemy in Sight.

Enemy in Sight:
Your Ship:
Your aim is to sink/capture or cause 50% hull & crew damage or force enemy ships back into port.
1. Place your ship within 2 rulers of the island if you failed to take the battery.
2. If you failed to take the battery then the battery will operate as the enemy for firing.
3. You may place your ship within 1 ruler of the island if you spiked the guns or are manning the guns.
4. If you spiked the guns remove the temporary casualty counters and apply any permanent casualties to your crew roster and continue.
5. If you manned the guns retain the temporary crew loss until the end of the game. You may not fire muskets during the game.
Special Rules:
1. Manning the guns. You require 1 crew counter to man each arc, there are two arcs. You require a reload counter for each. You may fire heated shot. This requires two turns to prepare. Any special damage counter drawn by a targeted ship disregard this damage, unless it was a crew damage, and replace with a fire special damage. You can only perform 1 task per turn. To fire heated shot would take 2 turns to prepare, fire on 3rd, prepare 4th and 5th ready to fire on 6th etc.
2. Spiking the guns: Your crew spike the guns and return to the ship. Remove the temporary casualty counters and apply any permanent casualties to your crew roster and continue.
3. Any enemy ship taking 50% hull or 50% crew or 2 mast hits will return to port.

The Enemy:
The failure of their spy to reach the port with the vital intelligence has forced the enemy’s hand. They have decided to set sail and break out. Roll 1d6:
1 = 1 x 74, 1 x 32
2 = 2 x 74
3 = 2 x 32
4 = 1 x 100
5 = 1 x 74, 1 x 32
6 = 2 x 74

With two enemy ships each will use a separate channel, randomly choose which ship will use which channel.
With one enemy ship randomly choose channel.
The aim of the enemy is to exit the playing area anywhere on the opposite long edge.

B Failure: You were in pursuit of an enemy ship heading towards its coastline. Aboard the ship was a passenger carrying vital intelligence. Your mission was to prevent the passenger from reaching shore, and if possible, to capture him. During the night, fog enveloped both of your ships, but as night gave way to day, the fog started to lift.

When all became clear, you found yourself within firing range of the enemy. You were in position to wreak havoc upon the enemy’s ship but failed. In the process you were unable to sink/capture the enemy ship or capture the passenger and gain the vital intelligence. Unable to make plans the commodore has dispatched 1 ship to observe the likely port the enemy may sally forth from.
The commodore has ordered all ships to watch enemy ports and engage any ships leaving port.

Same as in A above only the wind is blowing south west.

A night Action/Enemy in sight:
Play through the sequence as above in A.
(Remember though the wind direction has changed.)

Captain Ability Points:
3 Points capturing/sinking a larger ship
2 points capturing /sinking a same size ship
1 point for capturing/sinking a smaller ship or causing 50% damage to any enemy ship/forcing enemy ship back to harbour

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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 11:22
March's Solo Mission -- Duty and Daring: By Nightmoss







Reserved for Questions, Clarifications, etc.

1. On the Turn the AI ship appears does it also get to move (or does it just appear at the table edge)? I assumed it moves. Yes, it moves on the turn it arrives.
2. Special Damage risk of breaking the tow rope - does this exclude the Crew special damage since they do normal damage? I assumed yes (i.e. only rudders, masts, fires, etc, that you are ignoring risk a tow rope break). Yes, crew special damage is excluded. Only rudders, masts, fires, etc., apply.
3. Pretty obvious I think but assumed Disengagement couldn't apply to the 1st Rate being salvaged for obvious reasons - no sails! Correct. Disengagement does not apply to the damaged 1st Rate.
4. First Rate placement measurements are off. Should be roughly 7 1/2 inches from north edge and 9 1/2 inches from east edge (2 grid lines down from top and 2 grind lines from right edge).

Original as Posted by Nightmoss:
Nightmoss (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3119-March-s-Solo-Mission-Duty-and-Daring

Nightmoss (French): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3370-AAR-March-Solo-Mission-quot-Duty-and-Daring-On-the-Rocks-quot
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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 11:31
Aprils Solo Mission - Against the Wind: By Union Jack

Hope you enjoy this one. Everything's against you!


ship stats using Eric's generic template design (great work Eric/Sue...will save a lot of time).

Merchant 1+2: Gunnery Factor - 2/5/2:1/2/1:1/1/1:0/0/0:0/0/0
Crew Factor - 0:0:0:0:0
Hull Factor - 5
Maneuver Deck - D or B
Veer Factor - 5

Crimson Revenge: Gunnery Factor - 4/6/4:3/5/4:3/5/3:2/4/3:2/3/2:2/3/2:1/2/2:0/1/1:0/1/0
Crew Factor - 4:3:3:2:2:2:1:1:1:1
Hull Factor - 5
Maneuver Deck - B
Veer Factor - 5

Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3400-Aprils-Solo-Mission-Against-the-Wind

Nightmoss (French): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3411-AAR-April-Solo-Scenario-Against-The-Wind-Backed-Into-A-Corner
Union Jack (British): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3427-April-AAR-Against-the-wind-The-end-of-the-Crimson-Pirate
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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 11:34
Mays solo mission - 'Who fired the first shot.....': By Union Jack

May Scenario: ‘Who fired the first shot.....’
The peace is fragile. Your squadron of 3 74’s has been shadowing 3 74’s and a big 100(+) gun flagship.


A sail is sighted to the north-west and the other squadron begins tacking to cross your bow.
The Game:
Area: Size of 2 normal mats.
The ‘other’ squadron’s 100(+) gun flagship should be the 2nd or 3rd ship in their line. Decide randomly.
Place both squadrons as indicated 1 range ruler length apart and range ruler between ships.
The newcomer: Roll a D6
1 or 6 it is not one of your ships but one of theirs, a 32 gun frigate.
2,3,4,5 It is one of yours another 74.
The other squadron will try and cross the T in front of you.
You may fire at any time. Guns will not be double loaded but you can claim first fire with each initial broadside. You will have started the war!
Once the newcomer is within 1 ruler of the other squadron and is one of theirs the other squadron will open fire and engage your squadron.
If the newcomer is yours and gets within 1 ruler of you it will signal that you are at war and you may freely engage the enemy. If the enemy are between you and the friendly newcomer it will fire on the closest ship of the other squadron indicating that you are at war.
This is a fight to the bitter end.
Ships will roll 1d6 once they are down to the last hull box or crew box and will Strike their colours and surrender on a roll of 1.
You must capture or destroy the enemy squadron.
The wind is constant throughout the game.
Sink/capture a 74 1 point
Sink /capture 100+ 2 points
Win the game 3 points (You cannot claim this if you started the war).

Special Rules:
Two mast hits takes out a sail setting. Start with the highest and work downwards to anchor. If dismasted then a ships only action is to anchor it will not move but remain stationary.
Fire damage will be taken as two boxes checked off then the fire is put out.
No other special damage will be counted. If drawn take the numbered damage only.

Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3472-BRF-May-Scenario-Who-fired-the-first-shot

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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 11:42
Junes Solo Mission - At War again: By speissbuerger


Original as Posted by speissbuerger:
speissbuerger(BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3409-Junes-Solo-Mission-At-War-again

Nightmoss (French): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3435-AAR-June-Solo-Mission-At-War-Again-Once-More-Unto-the-Breach
Union Jack (British): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3529-AAR-June-At-war-again-or-how-to-disobey-orders-and-get-away-with-it!
TexaS (British): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3570-AAR-At-War-Again-Chance-for-Glory-or-the-Grave
Bligh (British): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3549-AAR-Who-fired-the-first-shot-Preamble
speissbuerger (French): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3499-AAR-June-Solo-Mission-At-War-Again-Hit-and-run

Union Jack
11-07-2015, 12:04
Julys Solo Mission - The Fire Ship: By Union Jack

Relieved of blockade duty and having refitted in England, Gibraltar, Jamaica the admiral has given you the task of escorting a fire ship to the port of #, where a band of cutthroat privateers have been plaguing the trade routes.

You may send any ship as escort. However the crew of the fire ship must come from your crew.

Delete 2 crew boxes off your roster as temporary crew of the fire ship.

The entrance to the harbour is covered by an old Spanish fortress overlooking the narrow entrance. (B7) and a new battery on the opposite headland (B2) Arcs of fire indicated.

The fire ship only has to collide with a privateer and the fire spreads automatically.

You must stand into the harbour to recover your crew members. (Point A)

Your crew members will use 2 ships boats to escape the harbour. They may lash the wheel and start to escape once the fire ship has crossed Point B.

Once the crew are aboard you may then come about and depart.

If you fail to pick up your crew then your ship will be short 2 crew boxes for the remainder of the campaign and your captain will lose 2 ability points. (even if this makes him minus) Any abilities gained are lost, this simulates the captain losing favour with the crew.


Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3541-BRF-July-Scenario-%28only-if-you-want-to%29

Nightmoss (French): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3559-AAR-July-2015-Solo-Scenario-The-Fire-Ship-Fanning-the-Flames
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Bligh (British): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3558-July-Mission-The-Fire-Ship

Union Jack
11-07-2015, 12:04
August's Solo Mission – ‘I am envious only of glory.’: By TexaS

An Admiral with much influence has put his son, a young, quickly and newly appointed lieutenant/lieutenant de vaisseau or commander/capitaine de corvette, in your squadron. It is now your mission to accompany him on a cruise where he will be looking for prizes. The admiral's son will be called the hothead in this text.

Your ship may be any ship at least two levels higher than the hothead's according to this scale.

1 - unrated ship sloop
2 - 32 gun frigate
3 - 40 gun frigate
4 - third rate
5 - first rate

Roll a die:
1: The enemy get a ship at one level below you.
2-5: The enemy get one ship the same level as you.
6: The enemy get two ships the same levels as you and the hothead's.
Example: You choose a third rate, the hothead gets a 32 gun frigate and you roll a 6. Then the enemy also gets a third rate and a 32 gun frigate.

Set up.
. . . Player . . . . . . . Hothead
<- Wind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enemy

Use a standard mat (size 67 x 98 cm / 26 in x 39 in) with long edges north (Up in photo) and south. There is a coastline along the east edge. The wind blows from the east, off coast.

The Enemy starts at the south edge, one full ruler from the coast, facing north. If there is a second ship it is placed a half ruler in front of the first.
The Player starts at the North-West corner, close hauled.
The Hothead starts at the north edge, one half ruler east of the Player, facing the same direction as the Player.

The hothead will use AI-movement relative to the closest enemy ship. Hothead and enemy will use battle sails. Player may use all sail settings.

Collision damage between Player and hothead will result in no damage, due to pushing off, but there's a risk of entangling.

Player may try boarding. Hothead will try boarding action on any enemy regardless of size if given the opportunity. While boarding the hothead will not roll for disengagement.

If the Hothead takes at least half damage to hull or crew roll a die, 1-4 remain in battle, 5+ flee. Roll again each time his ship takes additional damage with a cumulative +1 modifier to the die. Roll for captain injury or death as usual.
Enemy disengages per standard rules with a roll when three boxes left.

All ships may exit any side but East and will disengage / flee to the nearest.

Victory conditions
If the enemy strikes or disengages and the hothead survives with less than half damage taken, you have succeeded very well with the scenario and get 3 points regardless of if the player ship has been forced to strike. If the enemy surrenders or sinks you get +1 point per ship. If an enemy is taken price with one or more hull boxes left an additional +1 point is awarded per ship. This will get the hothead out of your way but he will be if possible even worse.

If the hothead avoids being captured or killed, even if he is injured or flees off board after taking half damage to hull or crew you can still get 2 points by winning and making all the enemies strike or 1 point by winning and making all the enemies at least disengage, but only if the hothead had effect on an enemy (only drawing 0:s is no effect). This will straiten him up and might actually make a decent captain of him someday.

If the hothead is killed or captured, or have no effect on the enemy before fleeing, or you loose the engagement you the scenario is lost and you get no points regardless of other conditions, but the eternal gratitude of all experienced captains in the service and a hard time getting promotions.

Original as Posted by TexaS:
TexaS (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3542-August-s-Solo-Mission-%96-%91I-am-envious-only-of-glory-%92

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Septembers Solo Mission - Fishermans Shoals: By Union Jack

Your frigate has been chased by an enemy ship for days. You hope to elude the enemy in Fishermans Shoals a notorious area of shallows and fickle winds. Although larger than the enemy you cannot afford to engage the enemy as you must get important information back to the fleet.

Playing Field:
Two SoG mats connected at the long sides. Or playing area of similar size. If you are not using mats then mark the centre (see weather).

Playing Field:
Two SoG mats connected at the long sides.


It is important that the shoals overlap in the way they do on the mat.

Shoals can be fired across but not the island.

Shoals should have a half ruler gap between and be at least half a ruler from each other and the island.

Blue AI: 2 frigates 36 guns.
Pink Player: 1 frigate 40 guns.

-Variable Wind Direction: both mats have separate wind directions. Check every turn for a change in both. (such are the fickle winds on Fishermans Shoals).
-Entanglement treat running aground on a shoal as an entanglement. Take a B damage and once entangled take the most appropriate action. ie, cross the shoal or turn left/right to get off after taking damage. Only take B damage once not every turn stuck. No firing whilst aground.
-Double Shot
-Aiming High
-Let the Men Drink -Running aground
-Surrendered Ships

Victory Conditions:
The game ends when the pink ship gains the exit box or is captured/sunk by Blue AI.

Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3644-BRF-September-Solo-Mission-9-Fishermans-Shoals

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Union Jack
11-07-2015, 12:04
Octobers Solo Mission - Becalmed: By Union Jack

Mission 10: October – Becalmed
Set Up:
2 mats joined on long edge or similar sized playing area.
2 40 gun frigates positioned 2 rulers length from the centre point along opposite corner axis.
2 land masses 2 rulers length away from centre point.
Markers to show points 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Note: 2,3,4,5 are 2 rulers length away from centre point.
Choose your start point, ie red or blue.
Both ships are carrying vital information for their respective fleets.
Both ships are becalmed.
Each ship has to get off the mat at either : Red = B and Blue = A


1. A ship may move at 1 ruler WIDTH in any direction. Simulating being towed by boats in the water.
2. Firing is as normal but 1 box to the right to simulate missing crew in boats.
3. Pick a marker at random for the AI ship and that becomes the enemy ship for solo chart movement.
4. Once within firing range revert to Players ship being the target for AI movement.
5. If a ship touches a numbered marker then randomly draw for the wind direction.
6. Roll a d8 after numbering each line from 2 o’clock to 12 o’clock in order 1-8.
7. That is the wind direction in that segment.
8. Take the three wind strength indicators and add a blank.
9. Draw one at random. If it is a blank the wind has just died again. If not then that is the wind strength in that segment only. (8 red numbers).
10. Each turn you remain touching a numbered marker you may draw again. Once there is wind it remains until you are fully into the next segment. Then roll a d8 for direction and draw at random again for strength.
11. Once the ship is moving it assumed the boat crew has been picked up automatically and vice versa if becalmed again. With crew picked up firing reverts to normal..
12. First ship that leaves table at respective point /sinks/capture the opponent wins.

Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3671-BRF-October-Solo-Mission-10-Becalmed

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Novembers Solo Mission - "The Captain's Dilemma.": By Bligh

This scenario is based upon the results of what happened to you in mission 10. If you won through with your information, you will have the choice of weather to play the Blockading force, or the Breakout force.
If your mission failed, then you will be the breaking out force in this mission.


Based on information received from his Frigate, one of the Admirals has decided to send an advance Squadron of a 100 gun ship, a 74, and Frigate of 36/38 guns, plus a bomb ketch to try and drive out of a nearby harbour the remnant of the enemy scouting Squadron before it can join up with the main Fleet for a major engagement which is in the offing.
Ensconced in the harbour are two Third Rates and a Frigate.
The idea is to move the Bomb into a position up a small creek which brings in within range of the ships in the harbour but behind a ridge of high ground so that it cannot itself be fired upon either by the coastal batteries or the ships within.
To spot fire and signal the fall of the shells, a Frigate is positioned just outside the harbour entrance where it can see the ships within and the blockading Ships of the line. Signals to range in the ketch will obviously slow down its rate of fire to twice the normal reloading time.
It will start on a die roll. 6 to hit a ship, then 5 or 6 on the next move, 4,5,6, on its third and subsequent firing. No ship of the Line will try to leave harbour until the first hit is made on a vessel, then the Commodore will realize he has to come out or be destroyed. A hit from the bomb ketch is a C chit.
For AI ships leaving harbour you may use a pilot until they are clear of the headland and sandbars.(In other words use the I in AI)
In all other cases use the AI charts.
You may use any rules in the rule book that you are comfortable with, including wind direction and strength if you so wish.


The initial positions are as shown. Initially the wind direction is from East to West. North being at the top of the screen. This should allow the ships to exit the harbour easily. Once past the shoals you may vary the wind if you wish.


Approximately two mats long short sides adjoining. The rules are for a rough idea of scale and to show the arc and range of the defensive batteries. Attackers had better not venture too near. Heated shot is on hand.
The harbour entrance must be not more than half a ruler wide. the sandbar may be substituted by rocky islets if you have them.
Note the small Bomb ketch top centre. It must be placed thus for either side, and is moored throughout the action unless sunk. Blank the first two boxes on a Sloop's play mat to portrait the small crew for the Mortar and the removal of some cannon which it has replaced. It is deemed to be able to drop shells in any part of the anchorage from its moorings.

Once your Third Raters come out let the devil take the hindmost.


The objectives are…………

Attacking Fleet.

To destroy capture or force back to port any enemy vessels.

Defending Fleet.

To exit the area by sailing to the West with as many ships as possible in order to join up with your main battle Fleet.

The Dilemma.


Do you:- A. Send Frigate out to drive off signalling frigate?
B. Run the gauntlet of the blockading ships to destroy the Bomb ketch?
C. *Sally forth, and give battle to a stronger attacking force?
D. Try to run West to join the Main Fleet?

* Ships of the Line will not leave harbour until the Ketch hits a ship with a shell, and proves there is real danger in remaining in port

Remember both your Admirals are counting on you!

Original as Posted by Bligh:
Bligh (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3690-BRF-November-Solo-Mission-11-quot-The-Captain-s-Dilemma-quot

Union Jack (British):
Bligh (British):

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Decembers Solo Mission - "For King and Country.": By Union Jack

This is a straight follow on from mission 11.


Set up:
1. Take the 5 ships that did not take part in scenario 11.
2. Add any surviving ships (both sides less the bomb vessel) from scenario 11 (if you wish), with any crew loss and only of damage taken above 50% (round down) repaired. If you force the enemy to stay in harbour then you cannot add any more ships and must fight with what you have remaining.
3. You may replace lost crew in any of your surviving ships with crew from other ships. (Remember to remove the crew from the left boxes first. Place a casualty marker on these boxes).
4. Nominate red or blue set up as yours.
5. Place your ships in the line astern formation corresponding to your colour choice above.
6. Nominate a flagship.
7. Nominate a ship you will control. (This should be the flagship).
8. At the start all Ships will sail in line astern formation
9. The AI fleet will always have the larger ships to the front.
10. The AI fleet will take crew from frigates to replace crew lost in scenario 11 for any of the larger ships that survived.

Special Rules:
11. All AI ships will continue to sail in formation until fired upon by any enemy ship. Once this happens use the solo movement charts.
12. Any AI Fleet ship that takes 50% crew or hull damage roll a D6:
1,2,3,4 = Carrying on fighting.
5,6 = Sail off the nearest board edge.

13. Any AI Fleet ship that has 50% or more crew or hull damage will roll a D6 every turn:
1,2,3 = Carry on fighting.
4,5, = Sail off nearest board edge.
6 = Strikes to nearest enemy ship.

14. Unless fired upon by a frigate no 3rd rate or above will fire on a frigate or smaller ship.
15. For every 2 sails hits loose a sail setting (starting with the fastest).
16. For every 2 mast hits loose a mast (start with full sail).
17. For every fire special damage strike off 1 box immediately this turn and a second at the start of the next turn. The fire is then automatically put out.
18. For every leak immediately strike off a box and discard special damage.
19. For every rudder damage reduce veer total by 1.
20. You may discard one damage box for each ship once during game but only when they have received 50% damage.
21. Wind is constant throughout game.

22. The losing side is the side that has all ships, struck, sunk or left the playing area.
23. Captains gain Captain points for:
+1 for every ship taken as a prize, sunk by or that strikes to a single ship.
+1 if the ship taken as a prize, sunk by or strikes to it if 1 class larger. (in addition to above)
+2 to the winning Commodore

Original as Posted by Union Jack:
Union Jack (BRF): http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?3709-Decembers-Solo-Mission-For-King-and-Country

Union Jack (British):
Bligh (British):

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