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10-30-2015, 08:06
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1797 Nelson's year of destiny Author:
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As the title suggests, the Author Colin White takes an in depth look at what is the year that was pivotal in Nelsons career.
Colin White's meticulous research has uncovered a plethora of previously unseen documents, which throw an entirely new light on the character and motivation of his subject.
Many of the private letters written at the time debunk some of the myths prevalent at a period when the Officer was the subject of adulation akin to that of today's Pop Stars.
It is easy to see how in that climate exaggerations and biased reports came to be published.
This book. in my opinion, does a lot to set the record straight without taking anything away from the man himself. In fact it seems to make him more human and less like the figure on the plinth in Trafalgar square.
I will certainly be getting the other books in this series.