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10-30-2015, 06:24

This scenario is based upon the results of what happened to you in mission 10. If you won through with your information, you will have the choice of weather to play the Blockading force, or the Breakout force.
If your mission failed, then you will be the breaking out force in this mission.


Based on information received from his Frigate, one of the Admirals has decided to send an advance Squadron of a 100 gun ship, a 74, and Frigate of 36/38 guns, plus a bomb ketch to try and drive out of a nearby harbour the remnant of the enemy scouting Squadron before it can join up with the main Fleet for a major engagement which is in the offing.
Ensconced in the harbour are two Third Rates and a Frigate.
The idea is to move the Bomb into a position up a small creek which brings in within range of the ships in the harbour but behind a ridge of high ground so that it cannot itself be fired upon either by the coastal batteries or the ships within.
To spot fire and signal the fall of the shells, a Frigate is positioned just outside the harbour entrance where it can see the ships within and the blockading Ships of the line. Signals to range in the ketch will obviously slow down its rate of fire to twice the normal reloading time.
It will start on a die roll. 6 to hit a ship, then 5 or 6 on the next move, 4,5,6, on its third and subsequent firing. No ship of the Line will try to leave harbour until the first hit is made on a vessel, then the Commodore will realize he has to come out or be destroyed. A hit from the bomb ketch is a C chit.
For AI ships leaving harbour you may use a pilot until they are clear of the headland and sandbars.(In other words use the I in AI)
In all other cases use the AI charts.
You may use any rules in the rule book that you are comfortable with, including wind direction and strength if you so wish.


The initial positions are as shown. Initially the wind direction is from East to West. North being at the top of the screen. This should allow the ships to exit the harbour easily. Once past the shoals you may vary the wind if you wish.


Approximately two mats long short sides adjoining. The rules are for a rough idea of scale and to show the arc and range of the defensive batteries. Attackers had better not venture too near. Heated shot is on hand.
The harbour entrance must be not more than half a ruler wide. the sandbar may be substituted by rocky islets if you have them.
Note the small Bomb ketch top centre. It must be placed thus for either side, and is moored throughout the action unless sunk. Blank the first two boxes on a Sloop's play mat to portrait the small crew for the Mortar and the removal of some cannon which it has replaced. It is deemed to be able to drop shells in any part of the anchorage from its moorings.

Once your Third Raters come out let the devil take the hindmost.


The objectives are…………

Attacking Fleet.

To destroy capture or force back to port any enemy vessels.


Defending Fleet.

To exit the area by sailing to the West with as many ships as possible in order to join up with your main battle Fleet.


The Dilemma.


Do you:- A. Send Frigate out to drive off signalling frigate?
B. Run the gauntlet of the blockading ships to destroy the Bomb ketch?
C. *Sally forth, and give battle to a stronger attacking force?
D. Try to run West to join the Main Fleet?

* Ships of the Line will not leave harbour until the Ketch hits a ship with a shell, and proves there is real danger in remaining in port

Remember both your Admirals are counting on you!

Have fun.


Union Jack
10-31-2015, 10:23
That looks superb Rob. Ideally put for the finale game too. Gives me an easier tie in and BRF to write.

Union Jack
11-09-2015, 06:38
Well that went kind of differently! Report to follow.