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Union Jack
09-28-2015, 02:32
To Take some pressure off Eric.

September BRF – Fishermans Shoals

Your frigate has been chased by an enemy ship for days. You hope to elude the enemy in Fishermans Shoals a notorious area of shallows and fickle winds. Although larger than the enemy you cannot afford to engage the enemy as you must get important information back to the fleet.

Playing Field:
Two SoG mats connected at the long sides. Or playing area of similar size. If you are not using mats then mark the centre (see weather).

Playing Field:
Two SoG mats connected at the long sides.

It is important that the shoals overlap in the way they do on the mat.

Shoals can be fired across but not the island.

Shoals should have a half ruler gap between and be at least half a ruler from each other and the island.

Blue AI: 2 frigates 36 guns.
Pink Player: 1 frigate 40 guns.

-Variable Wind Direction: both mats have separate wind directions. Check every turn for a change in both. (such are the fickle winds on Fishermans Shoals).
-Entanglement treat running aground on a shoal as an entanglement. Take a B damage and once entangled take the most appropriate action. ie, cross the shoal or turn left/right to get off after taking damage. Only take B damage once not every turn stuck. No firing whilst aground.
-Double Shot
-Aiming High
-Let the Men Drink -Running aground
-Surrendered Ships

Victory Conditions:
The game ends when the pink ship gains the exit box or is captured/sunk by Blue AI.

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09-29-2015, 08:20
Sailed it this morning.
It was great fun.
Hope to post AAR soonest.

Union Jack
09-30-2015, 09:05
Amended the rules for running aground on a shoal. Apologies.

09-30-2015, 09:09
Too late!
I played it as per the SoG rules and it worked brilliantly for me.:help:

Union Jack
09-30-2015, 09:54
I played it too with the amendments posted above AI captains are no navigators hence allowing them to get off shoals once on them.