View Full Version : Naval Wargames Weekend, Gosport (UK) 2/3rd June

David Manley
03-04-2012, 23:26
The Naval Wargames Society and the Museum of Naval Firepower will be running the second Naval Wargames Weekend at the Explosion! Museum in Gosport, Hampshire on June 2nd/3rd 2012. Games on all sorts of naval themes will be running between 10am and 4pm both days. Last year we featured medival battles both large and small, Pacific battles in WW2, seaplanes vs. fast craft in the North Sea in WW1, Napoleonic actions in the Adriatic and even damage control inside a WW2 cruiser! Plans for this years games are developing, but there is always space for more. If you would like to put on a game at the show please drop me a line.


03-04-2012, 23:42
One day I hope to come to the UK and get in some gaming. As for now all I can do is look on in envy at the great gaming you have.