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Comte de Brueys
09-08-2015, 00:56
End of August we had a SoG night with the Zirndorf Flight.

Originally planned with 6 captains, one cancelled the event an hour before. We started at 8pm with 3 players.

First game was a frigate battle 2 vs. 2 with basic rules. Tom was new to the game so we start slowly into the world of SoG. Mario had played a few smaller games and had some experiences.

I was command of the two French frigates and managed to sink HMS Cleopatra with some lucky hits from Le Succes and Courageuse.


When Nico joined us 30 minutes later we interrupted the first game and setup another one.

Second game was another frigate battle with basic rules. Nico had no SoG experience like Tom, but know how to fly a WoG plane and found easy into the movement system.

The French side wasnít that popular for what reason ever, so I offered Mario the Spanish Concorde class frigate to get him on my side. He accepted.

Tom preferred a more stable frigate and I assigned him to HMS Unite.


Main focus was on the movement again and the different steps of a turn.

It took some time to explain the system when a ship is taken aback and the collisions, but we had a lot of appropriate situations.


Another half an hour later Markus completed the team. Like Mario, he had some SoG experiences.

We set up the third game.

It was a frigate fight for two small outpost islands. A combined French/Spanish squadron anchoring near the Island was surprised by some Royal Navy frigates.

The French/Spanish:

Concorde class / Sirena / Mario
Concorde class / Courageuse / me
Amazon class / Le Succes / me

The British

Amazon class / HMS Melanger / Markus
Amazon class / HMS Cleopatra / Nico
Concorde class / HMS Unite / Tom

We changed to standard rules with veer value, sail setting, different ammo and the optional rule let the men drink.
Beside this I activated the collision rule and informed the buddies about the result of ignoring an rocky island with a wooden ship.

Traditionally the RN had the advance of a better starting position so they get the wind coming from the stern.


Here you can see how the general advance was. HMS Melanger decided to sail between the islands and attack whatever was in range. Unlucky start because my French frigates gave her a nice welcome.

Nicoís and Tomís frigates sailed around the islands and tried to finish off the Spanisch frigate first.


Mario had a tough job versus the two British frigates and it get more dangerous when the badly damaged HMS Melanger joined the part.

With the wind coming from the bow and two islands in close range I had to maneuver carefully to avoid a collision and needed time to turn around an release my allied frigate.


The British sent HMS Unite to fight against my French frigates and they thought that HMS Cleopatra and HMS Melanger could finish off the Spanish Sirena, but Mario held the position and survived until Le Succes sunk HMS Melanger with two lucky B damages that filled the last two boxes.

We ended the game soon after this situation, because there was no chance to turn the tide for the RN.
I have to proudly announce, that there were no (friendly) collisions. The guys knew how to sail a SoG ship.


Meanwhile 4 hour were gone and we decided to setup a last game with big ones.

Comte de Brueys
09-08-2015, 00:56
Fourth and last game started as a confronted line battle with 1st rates and 3rd rates.


We now played with advanced rules and all the special damages and the crew actions (without boarding and double shots).

The optional rule “flagship” was used.

Traditionally the Royal Navy get the bonus of the better wind direction.

HMS Impeteux / Tom
HMS Victory / Markus
HMS Goliath / Nico


The French line of battle was

Commerce de Bordeaux / me
Montagne / Mario
Le Berwick / me


I gave the buddies a few instructions how to set the sails at the beginning to avoid a collision between the slower 1st rates and the faster 3rd rates.

Some of those ships saw their first action on the gaming table (Victory/Golitah/Montagne).


For what reason ever, the British decided to split up, to get the French into crossfire, but failed spectacular.:happy:

HMS Impeteux received three broadside, two of them from B-range (Commerce / Montage) and one of them A-range (Le Berwick).**

Unfortunately the British flagship misjudged the first maneuvers and was far away from the action.

** I wanted to attack with Commerce de Bordeaux one turn earlier but made a mistake and put the actions from Commerce on the board of Le Berwick. At all we were able to give the first British ship a fatal blow, but this demonstrated how difficult it is to command two ships of the line at once with advanced rules.


The battle continued and my Temeraire class dealt out a really devastating broadside to HMS Goliath.

Now Le Berwick was too far away for taking part in the fight.


My leading French ship was in good condition but suffered really high crew losses. :erk:

Le Berwick was still undamaged.


In general, for the first half oft he game the French hat the better shooting positions and dealt out the more higher and more critical hits to their opponents.

Here the Montagne fired both broadsides at once.


Broken mast and fire kept the badly damaged HMS Goliath busy.

The long range broadside from the Montagne closed two boxes and inflict two leaks, so the ship get two water damage markers before the planning phase.


HMS Vicory sufferd a similar damage: Fire and two leaks!


The return broadside of the British flagship brought a similar result for the Montagne.

It’s incredible what a collection of special damages a broadside from a 3rd or 1st rate may cause. The buddies were really busy to plan the crew actions.

I have to say that those delayed actions get on my nerves. Maybe we need some houserules here.


For the next turns HMS Victory kept the French very busy.

Markus did a great job.


I steered Le Berwick between the British flagship and the Montagne to avoid a raking shot versus the Ocean class.

A brave action that was payed with blood and damage.


Finally the Royal Navy decided to withdraw from the battle. Not quiet historical, but the right decision because of some bad luck during this fight.

I made a joke and said: "See you soon at Trafalgar!" :wink:


We had a lot of fun and finished the game night at 3 am. :sleep:

I was content that the two new captains developed a sense for commanding a SoG ship and avoided any collision with friendly ships and island. They enjoyed the gaming concept and I think we can repeat such a SoG night with them.

Finally I have to say that’s very exhausting to command two ships at once with advanced rules. To keep the game fluent you need to plan quick and you really need more attention. I was able to handle it and only failed once to fire the correct broadside of one of my ship and had an incorrect action planning once.

09-08-2015, 03:07
Two superb and very exacting games there by the look of it Sven.
I'm very impressed by the skills you have already managed to impart to your new Captains. Things that I am still learning about in the advanced rules.
As usual a very well annotated set of pictures to go with your account.
I enjoyed it very much thanks.
I will have to get back to you with Rep when I have spread some about.

Salem Vendari
09-08-2015, 04:26
A fantastic read, Sven. Reading all of these AARs is getting me excited to play and write my own (in fact, I'm planning a solitaire game captaining the Montagne against AI HMS Defense and Terpsichore for when I get off work in a few hours).

09-20-2015, 10:53
I am jealous, Sven. How awesome it would be to play a day of SoG games with friends. I like the flow of increasing rules.

The setting looks quite nice - great ambiance.

Well done, Sir. :salute:

Union Jack
09-27-2015, 07:56
As usual Sven a very professional report. And another brought to the fore for perusal by Rob. Playing catch up makes exciting reading though.

Comte de Brueys
09-27-2015, 10:37
Thank you, comrades.