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08-14-2015, 20:14
My playing area for Sails of Glory is 36 inches by 48 inches, shorter by 2 inches than what was required by the scenario. I chose to start Sybille off of the board and adjust the starting position of Royal Sovereign by 2 inches. This seemed to work well. See the picture below.

Bos’n (Bob) 


To: Elijah R. Wilford, Admiral Mediterranean Fleet
Gibraltar, Occupied Spain
From: Don Rodrigo de Cordoba Julio Garcia Fernando Cruz, Admiral, Spanish Armada

Re: The Capture of Isaac Hull, Capitan HMS Sybille; 11 August 1795

I am pleased to inform you of the wellbeing of your capitan and the condition of his command. Senor Hull is unhurt, and he lost, surprising few crewmen during the action of 11 August 1795. The frigate HMS Sybille is severely damaged and was quite fortunate to have made landfall. I am sure that she can be repaired and will make a fine addition to The Spanish Armada.

I would like to commend Capitan Hull for his bravery during the Action of 11 August 1795. His duty was to protect the Royal Sovereign from capture and to get what was left of her to Gibraltar for repairs. He attacked Argonauta, under the command of Don Carlo Quatro Intelligence Artificial, in spite of the discrepancy between the two ships. He fired several broadsides into Argonauta and withstood withering fire from both the Argonauta and her English captive. The battle was over quickly, but the Sybille suffered a great deal of damage.

I would like to make a proposal. Deux Intelligence Artificielle, Capitaine of Duguay-Touin, his officers, and crew are quests of yours in Gibraltar. My quest Capitan Isaac Hull his officers and crew are anxious to return to their homes. I propose an exchange of prisoners in Porto, Portugal. If you look favorably on this proposal, then send me a message by way of the courier who brought you this offer. I am including a report from Senor Hull; he seems to be most anxious for you to receive it.

Your servant,

Don Rodrigo de Cordoba

After Action Report

To: Jonathon Young, Commodore
From: Isaac Hull, Captain HMS Sybille

Re: The Action of 11 August 1795

Please except my apologies for the loss of both HMS Royal Sovereign and HMS Sybille. The rescue of our sister ship was complicated by the arrival of the Spanish 74 Gun Argonauta. We beat to quarters and shortened sails to prepare for battle. By slowing our speed we gave the Spanish the time to prevent our towing of Royal Sovereign.

Argonauta came within cannon shot of Royal Sovereign and opened fire. Royal Sovereign responded in kind. Sybille passed a line to the stricken ship, but just as it was secured the Royal Sovereign was forced to strike its colors. The towline was thrown into sea.

My choice was to either maneuver to get away safely and report to you, or to try to regain the ship. I chose the later. This decision cost England both Royal Sovereign and Sybille. I have attached a more detailed report for you to evaluate.

Your humble servant,

Isaac Hull,
Captain H.M.S. Sybille

After Action Report
Action of 11 August 1795

My orders were to take H.M.S. Sybille and rescue H.M.S. Royal Sovereign and tow her to the port at Gibraltar. I found her dead in the water, but still flying our pennant proudly on what was left of its main mast.


As we neared the ship we saw a second set of sails flying Spanish colors and making for Royal Sovereign. I had two decisions to make. First, were the Spanish still England’s allies or had they allied themselves with France? Secondly, were the Spanish there to help the ailing ship or there to get an easy prize? My decision was to beat to quarters and see how they would respond. My answer came when cannons began to roar from both ships.


We drew along side of Sovereign as cannons continued firing and threw her a towline. Sovereign had been taking damage for half and hour. She was forced to strike her colors and threw the line back.


Honor and duty required that I try to recapture Sovereign. My first shot raked her bow causing much damage.


The Spanish attached towlines to Sovereign, as Sybille made a sharp turn to starboard, only to receive a raking shot to our stern. We had given as good as we got, but we were hurt far worse.


Our ship exchanged one last broadside with Argonauta and Sovereign and struck her colors.



I had lost. I lost my ship and my assignment. My crew and I were ferried to Barcelona and turned over to naval command.

With Apologies,

Isaac Hull
Captain, H.M.S. Sybille




08-15-2015, 08:07
A very different take on the encounter Bob, which made it all the more enjoyable.
It did bring one question to my mind to which I have never heard a mention.
I have read of British Marines capturing a Fortification and spiking its guns.
Does anyone have any information on ships striking after spiking their own guns, so that the enemy could not use them as Argonauta's boarding party did in this scenario?

08-15-2015, 16:34
I know of several dumping guns overboard during a chase but I've not heard of spiking guns.

The British used their own guns on captured French ships for the most part anyways.

08-16-2015, 01:21
Thanks Jonas.
I'm sure that if they did we would have heard of it somewhere.

08-16-2015, 07:12
Nice AAR. Good luck with your future endeavors. :salute: