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07-16-2015, 16:15
I recently began playing the game, but a few questions we weren't able to resolve came up during the example match. I haven't been able to find answers for these so far, so I'm hoping to get some insight on the proper method of handling them!

1) When a ship is taken aback, what veer value is taken into account during the next phase to determine if the following maneuver card is legal or not? The veer value of the originally planned card that was replaced, or the Veer value on the taken aback maneuver?

The same question would apply to broken mast maneuver cards being played. There's another post with this question where it was suggested that any Veer rating following a taken aback or broken mast card would be considered legal.

P24. "During the planning phase, a player may not select a maneuver card whose veer value is different (higher or lower) from the previous maneuver card by more than the ship's Veer rating." .. "If an illegal maneuver is revealed, replace it with a straight maneuver."

2) If multiple actions are planned, but during combat a ships action limit drops below the number of actions still on the ship mat, what happens? Do actions need to be discarded down to the new limit immediately, or are they unaffected until the next planning phase?

E.g. A Reload and Repair action are planned, but during combat the ship takes damage causing its Crew Action limit to drop from 2 to only 1.

3) I was a little unclear on the rules for struck sails. I'm wondering if I have the right understanding:

-If a ship has struck sails, execute remaining planned maneuver cards using the backing sails line. The ship comes to a stop once all maneuver cards are used. (Meaning, after changing to struck sails, it would take two movement phases to come to a stop.) If a ship only has one maneuver card planned when it goes from backing to struck sails, the maneuver card is not executed, and is instead returned to the deck.

-The increase sails action cannot be used until the ship has come to a stop, and maneuver cards can only resume being planned the following turn after the ship has returned to using backing sails.

-Once both maneuver card spots are filled again, the ship begins to move once more. (The ship would only be able to begin moving again on the second turn after it had stopped.)

I basically understood it as the ship needs to wait for the que of maneuver cards to empty before coming to a stop, and then wait for the que to be full once again before resuming movement. Is this correct?


07-16-2015, 18:25
While I'm at it, I should ask this one as well! Is it totally normal to be re-checking maneuver cards every planning round to make sure the Veer rating is within range, or just refresh ones memory about the path the ship was on? Found that it started getting hard to keep track of once controlling two or more ships without checking my face down cards every round.

07-17-2015, 09:23
1. I would use the veer number of the played red card as that is what actually took place.
4. I always allow players to check cards. We're not actual captains but players who are kibitzing between turns, etc. With most of us at an age ...