View Full Version : Making flags help

02-26-2012, 05:49
I have made some flags but got them a bit oversize, bearing in mind i am modelling at 1/2300 and probably need to balance realism with being able to see them at all, what size would you suggest for pennants, ensigns flown from the rear spanker and other foremast flags etc?

David Manley
02-26-2012, 10:49
For ensigns I usually go for small rectangles about 3-5mm square (although the Hallmark ships already have them fitted, so for these I just paint those - that said they are a bot small and I'm contemplating replacing them with paper). I've not bothered with pennants and other flags yet as I suspect they'd be way overscale, but perhaps some thin thread stiffened with glue, or perhaps thin fuse wire flattened with pliers and painted might be the way to go.

03-08-2012, 12:05
I use the Langton ensigns sets, but I use the "plus" size they offer as I a) wear trifocals, and b) prefer them to be a bit large anyway. The pennants they offer are a bit smallish for me, and again I imagine that's my own preference for having them oversized and thus more visible. I'd say that's the one area I use artisitic license with; the rest of the ship I prefer to be as accurate as possible.