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02-24-2012, 15:16
Anyone else using tumbling dice 1/2300, I decided this was the scale for me. I think they look quite good, are very sturdy, and have enough detail at the scale. Have used them with WSIM and trafalgar using the 1/1200 movement and ranges, seemed to work out quite well. Will try the 1/2 scale move some time to see if it makes much difference.
Posted a pic on BGG

02-24-2012, 17:42
They do look very nice. If you have enough models for the battles you want to fight, I'd use them. It has been my experience in all types of games that using smaller scale models usually doesn't hurt. It is when you use larger scale models that you may have problems.

David Manley
02-25-2012, 00:34
I have a few of them but the vast majority of my 1/2400 collection is from Hallmark (a fine company that alas was sold overseas and thus went through a price hike - fortunately I'd already gathered most of what I needed for my Napoleonic, Baltic/Crimean and 1860s ironclad fleets, but I was on the verge of replacing all my WW1 and WW2 1/3000 models with 1/6000 and the sudden increase in price put paid to that plan).

Hallmarks are a bit more fiddly than the TD models. They look "finer" but the more chunky TD models look quite imposing. If I were starting this particular project again I would definitely be in two minds as to which way to go.