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John Paul
06-07-2015, 21:34
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The Naval War of 1812-1815 Author:
Charles Raskob Robinson ISBN:
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Here is the review as promised in my previous post regarding this book.

The book is meant to be a companion to the Documentary produced by The Society of American Naval Artists, of the same name. This edition also includes over 90 full color illustrations of various paintings by well known naval artists in America and Britain, which are used in the documentary.

The book opens with Chapter 1 covering the Who, What, and Why the War of 1812 came about. The remaining six chapters follow in the wake of the documentary with the Prologue to War, War on the Blue Water Parts 1 & 2, War on the Lakes, War on the Brown Water, and ending with the Epilogue which renders a short history of the United States Navy, and it's sister service the United States Coast Guard. Included at the end of the book is a glossary of all the naval terms used throughout the book.

The writing closely follows the narration of the documentary, but in a more easy to read format. While it doesn't present all the finer details for each of the engagements and major actions of the war it does provide enough to keep the reader's interest. Also, included are a number of maps covering the major areas involved with the various campaigns throughout the war.

Overall, the book is worth adding to your collection if for no other reason then the color art work alone. The paintings of all the major, and most of the minor ships engaged throughout the war make this book a valuable resource, and more then worth the price! If you would like to see the documentary it is available on You Tube, or you may find it on line at: www.naval-war-of-1812-illustrated.org.

If you are a fan of this period in naval history, or not it is well worth your time to check out the documentary. Sit back and enjoy!