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05-17-2015, 03:44
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Treasure island is the last of Spike Milligan's hilarious reinterpretations of classic works of literature. Robert Louis Stephenson's original characters are joined by Groucho Marx in this rip roaring Pythonesque adventure with a very rude parrot and lots of laughs.
Stephenson will never know how Spike rewrote his story, or that his name was an anagram for 'bonniest love trousers' either.

I was going to start this sentence with "seriously, read this book", then i realised that the thought of anything to do with this book or Milligan's writing being 'serious', was as laughable as the book is laugh inducing.
So i shall just end here by saying READ IT NOW!

Oh and, "pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! *#$^/@ &€ŁĄ₩÷!!!

06-14-2015, 09:42
Interesting suggestion, Steve. I remember reading Hitchhiker's Guide and laughing out loud many, many times.