View Full Version : Ratlines for new releases?

Gallo Rojo
04-21-2015, 05:35
I would like to know if The Anchorage/The Aerodrome will release ratlines accesories for the new and future SoG releases (I mean 105 to 108, 1st Rate Ship-of-the-Line, Hébé Class Frigates, Sloops, and icoming 109 and 110, HMS Victory and USS Constitution)?
Will current ones fit the new models?
thanks! :)

04-22-2015, 01:27
I would like that too, and for the first wave 74:s...

04-22-2015, 14:06
I can't bring myself to rig some ships and not the whole fleet. They would stand out like a sore thumb.
When I can buy all the necessary ratlines at the same time, I too will be interested.

04-22-2015, 14:29
I heartily agree, a set of proper ratlines would be a real money spinner for them I think, its a real surprise they have not done it already! :minis:

Loki 13
04-22-2015, 21:09
I think would try to do the rigging & ratlines, but first I need to get some extra ships. :beer: