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04-05-2015, 15:15
So I'm fairly new to the SOG, I came to it after playing Wings of War. Anyways, I purchased the starter set off of Amazon a couple of months ago and I loved it. Long story short, I wanted some new ships, the coasts pack, coastal batteries pack and the extra mats pack. I looked on Amazon, but I wasn't happy with their selection, so I found the Aerodrome story through this forum and bought a number of ships and some of the packs mentioned above, back in late February. But alas, I made the mistake of ordering the Victory and Constitution, the pre-order ships, along with everything else. When I went to figure out why my order hadn't been shipped a couple of weeks later, I realized why, the order was on hold waiting for the Victory and Constitution, but March, the release date advertised has passed, and I'm starting to get worried. Have Aeris ever failed to print the pre-order products? Is this usual? I'm probably just paranoid after getting ripped off by kickstarters in the past.

04-05-2015, 16:42
To call a spade a spade, there have been some delays and issues with SGN in the past, but in the end everything has been delivered, and Ares has done a good job supporting their products.

With Victory and Constitution the recent issue has been that their container got swept up in the West-Coast dockyards strike, resulting in a delay of 2-3 months. But they reported last week that the container with the ships had reached Chicago and was nearing their midwest distribution center, so the wait should not be much longer now.

A bit frustrating for the impatient among us, but no ripoffs here :beer:

04-05-2015, 20:28
Thank you very much for the information, that took off a lot of worry and restored my faith in Aeres. Your a big help, thanks.