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John Paul
04-03-2015, 01:30
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War of 1812: The Marine Art of Peter Rindlisbacher Author:
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Hardback Summary:
This is strictly a book full of paintings by the author who is a well respected and renown artist in the period. The artist does nearly all his work for private, or organizational commissions.

There are no maps or other drawings, as may be found in other such books like those produced for Geoff Hunt, or other well known marine artists. The few pages which contain writing are short descriptions of the associated art work by the artist.

The works in the book concentrate only on the War on the Lakes during 1812, with only three actual paintings showing the most well known action The Battle of Lake Erie. There are also a few paintings showing ships tied up in port for the winter, or building on the ways. One such painting shows a group of three sloops tied up at Ft. Detroit, decks covered over with canvas, and buried under a couple of feet of snow.

As a book for reference the number of paintings do cover just about every type of ship or gun boat used by the three main protagonists during the course of the war. So if your looking for an modestly priced book in this period you may think of getting this one. Otherwise the book offers no historical background that would meet even a mild interest in the naval actions fought across the Great Lakes region.