View Full Version : Extra Damage Counters and Game Balance

03-28-2015, 11:18
Good Morning. Does anyone think that adding an additional counter set to the pool will effect game balance? Should 2-4 players be drawing from one set, and additional players another? Or does the game play fine when using a bigger pool of counters to draw from? And if we do merge two sets for a large game, should we separate the counter sets before playing a smaller game?

Loki 13
03-28-2015, 14:53
I use two sets for the game. (1-2 or 2-4 players). hope this helps :Arrrr:

03-28-2015, 22:08
Assuming that both counter sets were identical initially, mixing them will not affect the game balance and separating them again will be a long job.

John Paul
03-29-2015, 16:39
I currently am using two sets, one for each side! Thus far the results have been satisfactory, and all have been happy!

I have been mulling using two sets per side in larger games, but haven't reached that point as yet!

03-29-2015, 18:22
I use multiple sets with replacements after each round of shooting. Once all the players have recorded damage on their laminated logs, the chits go back into their respective containers. This way, we maintain the drama of pulling and revealing chits while keeping the odds relatively stable throughout a game.

03-29-2015, 23:34
The difference in odds is exactly the same when drawing the first chit. When drawing the second chit from a double set the chance of drawing the same result have lessened slightly, but if you think that every cannonball has the same chance of outcome this is desirable.

03-30-2015, 17:10
Thanks guys!