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John Paul
03-21-2015, 23:19
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Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy Author:
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The book is broken into 5 Chapters providing a good general history and overview of the "Armada Espanola", of the Eighteenth Century. It begins with a general overview of the birth of the Spanish Navy in it's early beginnings in 1714 through 1825. The next chapter carries on with the evolution and development of Spanish Ships of the Line, and covers the various yards where ships were built, their various designers, as well as the influence of French designs upon Spanish ship building.

In the third chapter Cuba is covered in more detail as it was home for a number of ships purposely built to aid in protecting Spanish interests in the New World. Thus the yards and ships built are covered in greater detail.

The next chapter provides a general look at the officers and men who made up the Spanish Navy during the period, and highlights the well known Captains and Admirals who exerted the greatest influence in commanding the ships and squadrons.

In the final chapter the Spanish Navy's participation and performance at Trafalgar is laid out in some detail. Included here is a complete list of ships that fought in the action, and their eventual fates. It also highlights the best known actions between some the more famous Spanish ships and their British counterparts during the action.

A final Epilogue delivers an overall history of Spanish ships taken into British service, their careers, and fates in that service. An Appendix provides a list of Spanish Ships by name showing their alternate names, time of service, launch dates, number of guns, and the ship's fate along with some short remarks of previous service in other navies prior to Spanish acquisition.

Now that the Spanish ships are slowly making their way over the horizon in SoG this would be a good book to have on hand in starting your collection. While most of the maps, drawings, and paintings are in black and white there are two color sections in the book that show many of the great and well known Spanish ships of the line in all their colorful glory. The book is still available, and reasonably priced so if you desire to add it to your book shelf it won't cost more then a Spanish 2nd rate in SoG!