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Gallo Rojo
03-16-2015, 13:57
I got the game because I like Wings Of War but Iím totally ignorant when I comes to sails era naval combat, so Iím sorry in advance if this question is plainly stupid. I assumed that different type of ships (Ships of The Line, Frigates, etc.) would carry different types of guns (i.e.: Ships of the Line would come with bigger guns than those of Frigates Ė very much in the same way Battleship had larger guns than Cruisers and so on. So I expected bigger ships had larger range of fire than smaller ones. But every ship shoots at the same range in the game. Is it that because all ships of this era carried guns of the same size (difference being only how many guns each class had) or is it a problem/simplification in the game mechanics?

03-16-2015, 16:18
Greetings Ezekiel and welcome to the Anchorage. :salute:

I'll let those more knowledgeable about initial game design and mechanics respond to your question. Cheers!

03-16-2015, 16:26
It's based on typical RN tactics of the day if I had to guess... since training ammo had to be bought out of the captain's pocket standing practice was "don't fire 'til you smell the brown in their trousers". Many of the heavy weapons were capable of longer ranges, including carronades, but in large part it was limited by training expenses and sighting technology.

03-16-2015, 23:23
Making all the guns have the same range simplifies the game mechanics just as it does in 'Wings of Glory'.

John Paul
03-17-2015, 00:49
It's one of those simplifications made in the name of playability the thought being to let players get in range and pound one another. The ship's individual damage tracks can off set this to a degree, but the main thought of getting along side and have at each other without trying to sail around in circles at max range was the main idea behind the design apparently.

03-17-2015, 02:26
As Diamondback wrote it'd more be due to doctrine than range of the actual cannons.

When Sweden fought Russia on the Baltic sea, about the same time, there were some long range battles which ended in the ships running out of powder without any decisive outcome.

Infantry of the time had very similar doctrines. Massed fire at a range of 100 meters though weapons technology allowed for much better range and accuracy.

03-17-2015, 09:40
As others have said there are a variety of reasons. Large smooth bore cannon could fire a long distance, over 2000 meters. For instance a 24 lb shot had a range of 4610 yards and a 6 lb shot 2937 yards. "A Treatise of Artillery" by John Muller (1768). It is just that they were not very accurate so effective range was considerably less with most engagements taking place at 500 yards or less. At those ranges the difference between the sizes of guns was the penetrating powder and greater damage from a larger ball rather than any range difference.

Gallo Rojo
03-17-2015, 12:48
thanks for the answers :)

03-17-2015, 18:00
since training ammo had to be bought out of the captain's pocket standing practice was "don't fire 'til you smell the brown in their trousers".

Suppose one is upwind?


03-17-2015, 22:53
Suppose one is upwind?


Then fire if you see the ship is in yellow water:beer: