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02-26-2015, 17:02
Strangely, the Wind Direction chits seem to work just fine (the occasional change without wild swings), but I have found that the probability in the Wind Speed Changes seems to need some work. To this end, I have made an "X" in one of the three blank Wind Speed chits. If it is drawn, it is treated like a blank unless there is a "+" or "-" on the Wind Scale. If there is already a chit on the Wind Scale, the "X" is the only chit that indicates the change in wind directed by the chit on the scale. The other two blanks are just blanks. The opposite chit works just like in the original rules.

02-26-2015, 17:22
I have also been thinking that there could be the possibility of the wind going lower than the scale. There might be some interesting tactical situations waiting for the wind to come back...

02-26-2015, 18:48
Are you thinking in terms of towing a ship with boats?

02-27-2015, 08:04
I hadn't given that any consideration yet how it would work playability-wise, but ship's boats would make for a fascinating engagement.

Mainly I was thinking about the challenge of fighting a battle in light air, when the best a boat under full sails could do was move as a boat under backing sails. I know from sailboat racing in light air how challenging it can be to do the most with the least, and no one has ever been shooting at me. Combining light air with my loss of speed while tacking idea could make wearing really popular.

For purposes of visualizing the wind, I think the regular game wind speeds cover Beaufort Wind speeds 3-5. I think my additional low end would be Beaufort 1 and high end would be 6 (I can't imagine practically managing a combat with the wind higher, but then again, these guys had skills we can't even imagine). I am pondering simple rules to represent the inability of two and three deckers to fire their leeward lower guns in higher winds. I'll share that when I have something I like.

02-27-2015, 09:25
In my First Algeciras scenario I had the wind vary between none and light, and different wind patterns on different parts of the board. Also ships boats for towing, building on David Manley's boat rules.

I've only had time to play it once so far, but I found it a very entertaining set of challenges