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02-25-2015, 03:49
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Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor Author:
Richard Holmes (Consultant Editor) ISBN:
978-1-4053-6334-1 Category:
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I picked this book up for 7 at the Leeds City Museum gift shop. Reading this book is much like making a visit to the Royal Armouries Museums -- and indeed, that is precisely where much of its material comes from.

Representing all periods of history from 3000 BC to 2006 AD, the book is extensive in coverage but is not exhaustive. The editor does his best to avoid Eurocentrism by including sections dedicated to Asian, American, and African weapons traditions. In general, weapons are given more coverage than armour. Cavalry tack and barding, heavy equipment (cars, tanks, and airplanes), and explosives (grenades, mortars, sapping tools) are for the most part out of scope.

I also noticed some typographical errors and internal inconsistencies with presented data, but I still feel the quality of the book is acceptable for what I paid for it.

Overall the book gives a good overview of how arms developed and were used throughout history. It's aimed at a general audience and is useful for instructing novices like myself.

02-25-2015, 22:11
Thanks, Kevin.

I always enjoy reading the posts discussing weaponry here and on the 'Drome. I find them quite fascinating - both the technology of the actual weapon and the tactics developed to exploit it. Some interesting house rules have arisen out of such discussions.