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02-21-2015, 00:34
...Admiral of the Fleet 7eat51 has graciously permitted us our own Wardroom!

I have taken the liberty of perusing the crew statistics and looks like we currently number but 12, of which only about half are active on here to one degree or another. Canterbury looks to be the stronghold (with about 5-6) and then Auckland (3!), and a few independent deck hands around places south and east and such...

So if you are present, how about reporting for roll call in Aotearoa?


02-22-2015, 03:53
Located in Christchurch. It would be good to find some other gamers locally.

02-22-2015, 17:46
Located in Christchurch. It would be good to find some other gamers locally.

Indeed! I may have about 5 potentials now in Auckland (incl. your family member)! :wink:

kylie provan
03-20-2015, 05:16
Hi there fellow sailors of the Age of sail Royal New Zealand Navy,
I live in Auckland and I have just received this awesome game I have wanted for over a year. I am currently a Snottie learning the ropes and making paper model ships to advance the fleet.

Looking at bringing this game to the local war games club in Parakai, so any player want to join me for a game?

Kylies Provan

03-20-2015, 08:08
Hi Kylie(s),

Stop by the Welcome Aboard forum and introduce yourself to the fleet. Everyone here will be glad to meet you.

03-20-2015, 16:07
Hi Kylie,

Welcome! I'd never have guessed there was a gaming club out in Parakai!

03-25-2015, 17:55
Welcome to the Anchorage, Kylie.

05-13-2016, 15:58
I understand their is at least one SOG player in Blenheim who indicated he would consider travelling for a SOG or WOW event.

This makes me wonder if anyone has organised SOG participation games for any NZ conventions? I'm not aware of anything. However, if there has been what format was used and what was the interest?

06-17-2017, 03:07
Kia Ora,
Two new kiwi players- however we are in Riyadh! May well set up a school club (no depiction of people in the models so culturally OK). However since learning 'from the box' we may have some really basic questions i.e. After a collision do the ships keep going if not grappled! Anyway- back to the Lions match.

04-26-2020, 16:31
Hi Team

I’m an Auckland-based Aussie (nine years’ resident) who has recently purchased the Sails of Glory Starter Set and completed my first game using Basic Rules. I am a long-time fan and student of the Age of Sail with specific interest in the Elizabethan, Anglo-Dutch Wars, French Revolutionary / Napoleonic and War of 1812 periods, campaigns and battles. I have a relatively extensive library covering this era.

In addition to the Starter Set I have H.M.S. Agamemnon (64), H.M.S. Royal George (100) and Principe de Asturias (112) on the way and am considering ordering (H.M.S.) Sybille (40) and H.M.S. Isis (50) for a decent spread of opposition and British ships and rates given Courageuse (used as Unite) (32) and Genereux (74) of the Starter Set had careers with both the French and Royal navies.

I look forward to hearing from fellow Kiwis playing Sails of Glory and exchanging Q&A and war stories!

04-27-2020, 05:42
Welcome to the Anchorage, Rhys, from here near Norwich in the United Kingdom. You certainly have a good collection of vessels with which to start playing the game. If you have any questions about the game, do not be afraid to ask them. You will find that the members here are very friendly and helpful.

04-27-2020, 13:29
:hatsoff: Please accept my official welcome to you at the Anchorage Rhys. In concert with my fellow Admiral Naharaht, I will be delighted to answer any of your questions or direct you to one of our many experts covering the field of Nautical expertise in which they excel.
May you sail with a fair wind and a willing foe.


Comte de Brueys
04-28-2020, 00:51
Bonjour, Rhys.

Welcome on board. :salute:

04-28-2020, 15:21
Thanks very much for the warm welcome everyone, it’s appreciated. I look forward to participating on the forum and the Book Review thread has already got my attention (I’m currently reading the outstanding ‘Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail: The Evolution of Fighting Tactics, 1650-1815’ by Tunstall).

Once my Game Mat and new ships arrive, hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll play another game of Basic Rules (my opponent is currently my almost-10-year-old son, with twice the guns to level the playing field a bit!) before progressing to Standard Rules, if my son can manage them. We’ve booked a match between Principe de Asturias and Agamemnon (my favourite ship of the period) as next cab off the rank. I expect I’ll lose but I’ll try to do so in style!

04-28-2020, 16:27
Right on Rhys.
We generally lose to kids and ladies.
How do they do it?


06-06-2020, 05:56
I've now received my starting complement of ships in addition to Starter Set and there are a number of them I believe can be used to represent original French OR British ships of the same class, including: Courageuse > HMS Concorde; Genereux > HMS Donegal and; Bucentaure > HMS Canopus (Tonnant class 80, predecessor to Bucentaure class 80). Do other players of Sails of Glory do this and are there any rules of thumb I should follow when doing so? I appreciate armament may change slightly (introduction of carronades in Royal Navy service for example) but assume existing cards are "near enough is good enough" in the safety of my own home. However, I'd be interested in thoughts / practices of more experienced players in this regard.


06-06-2020, 14:02
hi Rhys.
The man to answer this for you is Diamondback. He has don a comparison of all the types and sub classes for the ships which Ares produce and also the ships which fit best if you wish to extend your collection to other ships in the class or derived from it.
Also Captain Duff has a comprehensive list of what can be fiddled to do Trafalgar.
We actually put this on at our anual meet at Doncaster a couple of years back.
Other than that do whatever you want with your ships. It is your game and whatever suits your play is fine.

08-02-2020, 02:10
Taking advantage of a lazy Sunday here in New Zealand, and inspired by historical events, my son and I refight the Battle of Mykonos 1794, when 50-gun HMS Romney (represented by Leopard, background) took 40-gun French frigate Sybille, which, as you probably know, then went on to have an illustrious career in the Royal Navy.

08-02-2020, 04:01
Nice picture Rhys.
Any chance of getting the rest of the game pictured here?

08-02-2020, 20:29
Nice picture Rhys.
Any chance of getting the rest of the game pictured here?

Thanks for your interest Rob. My son’s only 10, but surprisingly competent, so we play about an hour or so a time using Basic rules (with potential addition of raking and musketry from Standard rules in this game) so, if you’re happy with intermittent posts as and when we play (may only be every few weeks), I’m definitely happy to take photos and publish a highlights package. I didn't take photos with this in mind yesterday, only the original one and another to capture our last turn so we can pick up where we left off next time.

At the end of yesterday's session, Sybille (me) has the weather gage and has inflicted two units of damage on Romney while taking only superficial damage herself:

08-03-2020, 03:57
No problem with any of that Rhys. It is good to see shipmates games at any stage of development, especially when you are bring a youngster to the game.

08-19-2020, 21:59
The latest addition to the New Zealand fleet: USS Constitution

This completes my fleet for the time being which, in addition to the Starter Set, includes:
- SGN115A - Bucentaure 1803
- SGN114A - HMS Agamemnon 1781
- SGN1108 - HMS Leopard 1790
- SGN105C - HMS Sybille 1794

In addition, my two sons are fans and have their own ship each:
- SGN111C - Principe de Asturias 1794 (5 y.o.)
- SGN1088 - HMS Royal George 1788 (10 y.o.)

Note the strange preference for first-rates by the new generation (bigger must equal better, right?)!

Lots of historical and hypothetical combinations possible with these ships and the Starter Set (particularly if I use the French ships as British prizes of the same class, e.g. Courageuse as HMS Concorde).

Now, all I need is more time and bad weather to play!

08-20-2020, 02:01
Looks as if you have a fine start to your fleet there Rhys, but what is most encouraging is that your two sons are interested.

08-20-2020, 05:14
Thanks Rob, yes, they were probably more excited about Constitution arriving than I was. They're sharing day-on, day-off to "play" with it!