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Union Jack
02-10-2015, 16:12
Jack was very happy. The hold of the Beaver contained the recovered treasure and they were on their way home.


“Sail Ho”
“Where away?” Mister Ellington, the first officer, cried out.
“Two points off the larboard bow, looks like a Spanish Sloop”.


“All hands, clear for action. Make it smart there. Mister Linton be so kind as to inform the Captain”
“Yes Sir”.
A short while later Captain Jack Union strode onto the deck.
“Seems we will have a little action before night falls, eh David?”
“Yes Captain. Cleared for action. Your orders Sir?”
“Not to be caught by the enemy Mister Ellington!”
“Sail Ho”
“Yes we can see, to for’ard. We’re not blind”
“Sail Ho. Astern.”


“What! Another. Where away and can you make her out”. Jack called up to the lookout far above.
“’Nother Spaniard sir. Looks like a frigate, 32 guns. Dead astern”.
“Um. Caught between the frying pan and the fire. Make all sail”.


Some hands jumped to the halliards whilst others climbed aloft and let loose more sail.
“Smartly done, smartly done. Now lets show the frigate behind a clean pair of heels and lets see if we can side step the Spanish sloop to for’ard!”

It seemed an age before both ships were in range of each other. But the 32 gun frigate had closed the gap behind.

Heading for the windward side the Spaniard luffed to starboard and got in a telling broadside to the desultory reply from HMS Beaver.


As they passed each other Jack thought they had a chance of escape when another broadside smashed into their ship.


Rigging was brought down and a few guns overturned. Casualties were light but the larger ship had announced its arrival.Swinging to starboard, Jack steered the Beaver trying to keep the Spanish sloop between his ship and the much larger 32.


He managed and as dusk fell he knew he had got away from both enemy ships.
"Now for England, home and some rest, not forgetting the prize money eh?" Without waiting for a reply Jack returned to his cabin.

Summary and the Butchers Bill:

1. HMS Beaver was lucky to escape.
2. Had special damage been played the Beaver would not have got away.
3. Dusk and night certainly saved the day for Captain Jack Union.

05-12-2015, 10:02
Very pretty bases - as a newbie I have to ask, where did you get them, and how do you deal with gunnery and wind arcs?

Comte de Brueys
05-12-2015, 10:36
Nice one, Neil. :salute:

07-26-2015, 10:34
Closer than I expected Neil.
That Spaniard certainly came up fast.
That's one of the problems of not being able to set full sails in Solo I guess?
Can't give you rep for this yet.

07-26-2015, 10:43
But apparently now I can.