View Full Version : 1/1200 WWII ships

01-19-2015, 16:49

Battleships $11.00 each
Aircraft carriers $13.00 each
Plus actual postage.
The Bismarck is assembled.

01-19-2015, 20:18
Well, we've been wanting American ships.

David Manley
01-20-2015, 09:20
These are the old Almark ones form the 1970s (re-released by Esci in the 1980s) and very nice they are too. They also did the Littorios, KGVs, Yamato, Musashi and Shinano. My brother's Vittorio Veneto (which he completed sometime in the 70s) stil has pride of place in my WW2 1/1200 fleet, albeit a little bit battered after nearly 40 years of wargaming service :happy: