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Union Jack
01-12-2015, 00:17
A scenario Brief:

Battle of Cape Ortegal: November 4th 1805
At the Battle of Traflagar four French ships of the line stationed towards the head of the combined fleet escaped the general defeat of the main combined fleet at Trafalgar. Under the command of Rear-Admiral Pierre Dumanoir le Pelley they sailed southwards. Pelley’s intention to make for Toulon. The next day he changed his mind as he remembered a large British Squadron was near the Straits of Gibraltar. Sailing west to miss a storm off the Spanish coast he then sailed north west into the Bay of Biscay to make for Rochefort. The squadron entered the Bay on November 2nd.
Encountering British frigates his second encounter lead him towards a strong British squadron under Richard Strachan. Using his frigates to slow down the heavier French ships Strachan gave chase and caught up with the French.

WIND: south west (Changes to south on move 10).

HMS Caeser (*80) 74F Captain Sir Richard Strachan.
HMS Hero 74 Captain Hon Alan Hyde Gardner
HMS Courageux 74 Captain Richard Lee
HMS Namur 74 Captain Lawrence Haisted
HMS Santa Margaritta 36 Captain Wilson Rathbone
HMS Aeolus 32 Captain Lord William FitzRoy

Formidable (*80) 74F Rear-Admiral Pierre Dumanoir le Pelley
Scipion 74 Captain Charles Berrenger
Duguay-Trouin 74 Captain Claude Touffet
Mont Blanc 74 Captain Guillaume-Jean-Noel de Lavillegris


Distance between French and British battle line is 1 ruler.
Namur is 3 rules from Caeser
The 2 frigates are 2 rulers from Duguay-Trouin.

Special Rules: (Changes in bold)
1. HMS Caeser is an 80 gun 3rd rate. Use a 74 and increase gunnery as follows: 475/464/354/353/343/243/232/121/111

2. Formidable is an 80 gun but ditched 12 guns before the battle decrease gunnery as follows: 464/354/353/343/243/232/121/111/010

3. As Formidable ditched her guns to sail faster always move at 1 sail setting higher than indicated unless already at full sail.

1. The French have to exit the playing area in the top right hand corner (yes top right hand corner).
2. The British have to stop the French leaving the playing area.


+5 Each French ship that exits the playing area in top right corner
+1 Each French Ship exiting the playing area along any side other than the bottom.
+5 Each British Ship sunk.
+5 Each French Ship sunk.
+10 Each British ship struck.
+10 Each French ship struck.