View Full Version : Texas: ChupacabraCon (Austin, TX)

01-05-2015, 17:51
Anyone attending ChupacabraCon (http://www.chupacabracon.com/) in Austin the upcoming weekend Jan 9th - 11th?

If there was an opportunity to play or spectate a SoG game that would be great.

01-05-2015, 18:25
Finn, if you don't get any response here you might also check on Boardgame Geek? The do discuss SoG there, although no where near as much as our forums here.


01-05-2015, 19:07
Anchorage member Andy Blozinski runs SOG games around the state, particularly the Houston area. He usually runs a game at Milleniumcon in Round Rock but I do not know if he is doing one at Chupacabracon.