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Iron Outlaw
01-02-2015, 00:40
Just wondering if any members will be playing SoG at CanCon this coming long weekend?


Iron Outlaw
01-02-2015, 00:49
If there are no games planned for this CanCon, is it worth my while checking out a berth for 2016?

Union Jack
01-05-2015, 23:40
Wish you luck there Brad. I know WoG will be there from being a member of the Aerodrome site. If there are no takers it might be worth getting in touch with the organisers to see if you can get a toe in the water and put on a small demo game yourself and generate some interest that way.

Iron Outlaw
01-06-2015, 00:21
Hi Neil

I will be with my grand son who loves WoG. This will be the third year he has been at CanCon, and he's not 10 yet!

To have anything at the 2016 CanCon one needs to get a plan in by May this year.

Maybe I will book a berth and hope some members will show up in 2016. If there are no offers by say September, then I will just cancel the booking.


Union Jack
01-06-2015, 15:55
Talk to the organisers who put on the WoG display (Zoe Brain might be a good starting point or gully_raker aka Barry, both on the aerodrome site). They might be able to assist in getting another table to put on a SoG in 2016.

Iron Outlaw
01-06-2015, 20:38
Good idea mate!

I know Zoe well as she taught my grandson WoG. I'll get her to book a second table for either WoG or SoG. Even if SoG falls through, there would be enough interest to run 2 tables of WoG.

Okay, that is now officially Plan 'A.'


01-23-2017, 22:10
Anyone going to CanCon 2017 ? I'd like to see a game of SoG to help get my head around the rules. The CanCon site doesn't list SoG as a tournament or display game.