View Full Version : Battle sail and fire start

12-17-2014, 13:40
Hello all,
Was wondering if a ship should be a little safer from fire if battle or any lower sail setting is current.
Should a ship under full sail be in more danger of fire?
I don't care for house rules much but was somewhat surprised that the rules do not address this;
or is this too small a matter for the game?
I've never come across any historical writing on this other than that courses needed to be kept from
flame or sources of ignition.

12-17-2014, 17:09
I'm sure there are others more qualified to comment, but my hunch is that there is a small increase in risk of fire when full sails are deployed, but not enough to merit special rules, given the overall level of detail of SGN...

Union Jack
12-20-2014, 16:41
Lower courses brailed up to stop wads discharged hitting the sails and potentially causing a fire, hence battle sails. I could not find any reference to additional damage for full sail or and added task. Perhaps an in house rule might use two tasks instead of 1 to put out a fire whilst under full sail.