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Union Jack
12-09-2014, 13:18
After playing the Treasure ship and treasure island, which I linked as an ongoing campaign, I would like to add a third scenario for your consideration.


Whatever success you may have had with Treasure Island feel free to continue the action with this scenario.

Only 1 playing mat or 3 x 2 area is required. You are on the edge of 1 short side of 1 playing mat or a 3x2 area. You must cross fully the far short side of the gaming area to escape. There is an enemy ship in front and 1 enemy ship behind. They are after the gold you have retrieved.

1. You must play with whatever ship you played with during Treasure Island.

2. If you found some of the gold or all of the gold then due to this additional weight your ship will sail at 1 sail setting less than what it currently has set.
For example if you are sailing at full sail then maneuver with battle sails. If battle sails maneuver with storm sails. Storm sails your barely making headway play a taken aback card for every turn maneuvering under storm sails until you increase sail.

3. Two strange sail have been sighted. Place the windward enemy ship on the opposite short edge to your ship.

4. The wind is off your front left (ie you are maneuvering in the orange part of your ship card).

5. After your first maneuver card roll a d6 the enemy ship behind will enter the mat directly behind you on a roll of 1 this turn. A 2 the next and so on that by turn 6 the enemy ship will automatically be on the gaming area..

6. Roll a dice for each enemy ship:
....1 the ship is larger.
....2-5 the ship is the same size
....6 the ship is smaller.

7. It will be dusk in 10 moves. When all gunnery ranges are halved.

8. Night will fall after 20 moves and you can make your escape even if you are still on the plying area.

9. At any time you may throw the gold overboard and return to normal sail settings. Of course then you will have lost the gold and will have a letter to write to your respective admiral explaining how you lost the gold. If you are a pirate then the crew decide to slit your throat for throwing their share overboard. (Only joking, you survive, just).

Good Luck

12-09-2014, 19:31
Great. Thanks, Neil. :thumbsup:

As for rule 5, is it a "2" only on turn 2, or a "1 or 2"? If a "2" only, it is possible to go through all six turns without the ship entering. Basically, you could keep it as - roll a six-sided die and if a 1 is rolled, the ship comes in. Does my question make sense?

Should we assume the ship is back to full "health" at game start?

Union Jack
12-10-2014, 11:04
Apologies it should have been:

Turn 1 1
Turn 2 1,2
Turn 3 1,2,3
Turn 4 1,2,3,4
Turn 5 1,2,3,4,5
Turn 6 Automatic

12-10-2014, 15:09
Cool. Thanks, Neil.