View Full Version : Black Friday Deals at CoolStuff

11-26-2014, 12:04
Hey all,

I just wandered over to CoolStuffInc, and they have their Black Friday Deals up including all of the Sails of Glory ships and accessories on sale.

http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_search.php?pa=searchOnName&page=1&resultsPerPage=25&q=sails+of+glory (http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_search.php?pa=searchOnName&page=1&resultsPerPage=25&q=sails+of+glory)

11-26-2014, 12:24
Looks like most SOG items are around half price, give or take a few cents. You know you need more ships (Ed comes to mind).:happy: And remember orders of $100 have free shipping!:moneygone:

11-26-2014, 13:05
I am trying to order a few wargames on MM at the moment, but the site is moving slowly, I have had a few timeout errors, and links take me to random pages. I am about to call it quits. Maybe in the middle of the night it won't be so bad.

11-26-2014, 21:13
Just a caution: I think their First Rates are all the old breakage-prone stock.

And they STILL owe me a fixed Imperial.

11-27-2014, 08:25
Just looked at CSI, several of the ships are now out-of-stock.

Finally got an order into MM, but by the time I was able to work through the ordering, a few of the wargames went out-of-stock. I was able to pick up some light mini-based wargames (Napoleon's War; War and Peace; Duel of the Giants), and for nostalgic reading, the AD&D Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide. I, also, picked up a bunch of Tolkien-based Heroclix minis. I have not played Heroclix, yet, but I have seen some folks play at our FLGS. It looks like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.