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Union Jack
11-22-2014, 03:33
Book Title:Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation 1793-1815

Author: Brian Lavery:

Published By: Conway Press

ISBN: 0-85177-521-7

Genre: Factual History Reference


Chapters include:
Background: Wars with France, early naval history, naval administration and Britain and the world.
Types of Ships: Principles of design including ships of the Line, frigates and unrated.
Ship Building: Construction, fitting, Masts/sails/rigging, Armament.
Officers: Entry and training, Commissioned, Warrant Officers, living conditions, ship administration.
Naval Recruitment: Problems with, press gangs, other methods.
Seamen & Landmen: Conditions of service, Petty Officers, landmen, mutiny and desertion.
Marines: Role and organisation, Marines in service, equipment and uniform.
Techniques: Seamanship, handling, boat and anchor work, gunnery and fighting, navigation, disaster at sea.
Shipboard life: All aspects of shipboard life.
Dockyards and Bases: Excellent information on the organisation of and running of.
The Seamens World: Winds and currents, merchant marine, other naval services.
Foreign Navies: Aspects of French, Spanish, American and other navies.
Tactics: Fighting tactics, blockade, convoys and cruisers, Amphibious operations, victory and defeat.

A very comprehensive book covering a wide aspect of information. Great for reference material. Complete with maps, line drawings and in the appendices full details on crew, pay, clothing costs and facilities of each yard and dockyard. An all round excellent book.

11-27-2014, 18:07
Yes, I have this book and refer to it frequently. A must have for the AOS Naval library.