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Union Jack
11-17-2014, 12:10
Treasure Galleon:
With orders to intercept a known Spanish Galleon before it could enter the safety of Cadiz harbour Captain Jack Union commanding HMS Beaver and Captain George Belfrey commanding HMS Seahorse lay just off the port of Cadiz. They were the centre ships of a line of 6 frigates, the early warning line for the Inshore Squadron of Admiral Keel.

There was a hint of a sea mist as they waited close reefed and nearly hove to. “Deck there. Strange sail off the larboard beam”. Jack Union quickly climbed the ratlines up to the top lookout. “Where away Smithers?” Using his arm he pointed out to sea. Jack lined up and sighted along the arm until he could just see the topsail of the strange ship. “Well done Smithers, an extra issue of grog for you tonight”. Smithers touched his forehead as his Captain quickly descended to the deck.
“Clear for action, beat to quarters. Mr Ellington signal the Seahorse. Strange sail in sight to the west”.
“Yes Sir”.

The Minorca was nearly home. They had made good time from the America’s. Now one last leg and they would be home. The cry of sail ho, brought the captain and crew back to earth with a thump. Damn, a blockade.

HMS Beaver and HMS Seahorse tacked together on the Larboard tack and set sail for the approaching Spanish ship. For it could be none other than their quarry.

For over an hour the three ships approached each other. Minorca would rely on her size and gunnery to push her way past the two British frigates. The British pair had already decided to divide and conquer by harrying the Spaniard on both quarters until she was theirs.

Jack Union pulled across the Minorca, hoping a lucky shot would hit her masts. Unfortunately his 6pdr’s were just out of range.

Quickly reloading the Beaver turned to starboard as Minorca approached ever closer. Jack could watch as Minorca’s forward division guns fired a ragged broadside which slammed into HMS Beaver. Any more like that and Jack would be out of the battle.

Seahorse approached from north and was caught by a full broadside. Ragged though it was the damage to Seahorse was considerable.

Weathering the hail of gunfire both British frigates turned and began to harry Minorca from the rear.

Jack now steered HMS Beaver to the windgauge and came under fire from Minorca again. As Seahorse tried to engage from the lee side.

Having closed the distance Jack now fired a weakened broadside into Minorca.

Minorca responded in kind at both ships.

Again and again both british frigates, although outclassed by the larger Spanish ship, closed and fired to wear her down.

As Seahorse closed with Minorca, Jack saw his opportunity and turned to cross Minorca's vulnerable rear.

Seahorse now took advantage and crossed Minorca’s stern, pouring a full broadside the length of the Spanish galleon.

Jack urged his crew on and they responded in time to pour one last broadside into the rear of Minorca and were rewarded with seeing her mizzen mast collapse into the sea. With no hope of clearing the wrecked mizzen away in time and with no visible help from Cadiz, the captain of the Minorca reluctantly struck his colours.

Final tally:
HMS Seahorse (top)
HMS Beaver (middle)
Minorca (bottom)

1. A few mistakes but got caught up in the cahse to much to worry.
2. Used the XL spreadsheet available from the file section.
3. Great for all the stats.
4. Using the solo AI chart was easy and it worked OK for my first time. Will have to try it some more to get a better feel for it.

11-17-2014, 12:16
Great AAR and collection of photos. I very much enjoyed reading and sharing in the battle. Congratulations to Captains Jack and George on their victory. :salute:

11-17-2014, 13:10
Excellent report. I like your markable ships logs. I'll have to try that myself. Expect your captains to be commanding ships of the line soon.

11-17-2014, 15:21
Well done.
I really like the water splash markers. Are they self made?

Union Jack
11-17-2014, 16:12
No they are litko splash markers, originally bought for WGS dive bombers in the Pacific Campaign.


Well done.
I really like the water splash markers. Are they self made?

07-26-2015, 10:28
Gradually catching up with all the back issues Neil.
i am impressed with the way you tackled the larger ship and gradually wore it down.
Those stats sheets look good. i used some for the action i just did and they save a lot of counters getting jiggled off the table when playing solo.