View Full Version : Black organza drawstring bags

10-06-2014, 22:22
If anyone would like some small drawstring bags to contain cards or counters, 'The Works' chain of discount bookshops are selling packets of 10 black organza bags 11cm x 8cm for 1. They are not suitable for damage chits because you can see through them but they would be o.k. for other counters.
If your local store does not have them (or you do not have a local branch), then they may be bought via their website http://www.theworks.co.uk/search/black%20organza%20bags

They also sell white bags but they are smaller, 10cm x 7cm.


10-08-2014, 19:19
Guntruck, over at the Aerodrome, suggested that it might be possible to use the organza to make ratlines.