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09-02-2014, 22:10
In the interests of time and because I ended up have some issues with my camera I'm going to make my AAR a bit different and much shorter overall. First I call your attention to this newspaper story as reported in The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencier from 1790. Pay special attention to the reported story highlighted in the center column. While I've used some literary license in sections of the newspaper the majority of what appears here actually comes from an online digitized version of the issue from September 1790. Enjoy and more to follow. . .


09-02-2014, 23:49
Captain Angus Remmington commanding Le Succes enters the shallows around the islands he knows conceal the hidden treasure caches. He sails directly for the nearest islet. Within two turns he has closed with the island and found no treasure. Fortunately there are no enemy sails spotted as yet so he sails on to the larger island.


On Turn 3 it is determined that the HMS Cleopatra will arrive ready to foil any attempt Captain Remmington is going to make in retrieving the gold undisturbed.

On Turn 4 Fortune favors Le Succes as the Cleopatra rolls to deploy as far as possible from her and decides as well to target the nearest island for treasure. Le Succes is close enough to shore to send out a search party, but no chests of gold are found.

On Turn 5 Cleopatra moves towards the nearest island and Le Succes begins a parallel run along the coast. This time the shore party finds its first treasure haul and quickly brings it back to the ship.


On Turn 6 Le Succes searches again, but no treasure is found. Cleopatra appears to have sail or rudder issues and does not close on the island as expected. Captain Remmington remains focused on the main island, but is annoyed that the Cleopatra may make a discovery soon.

On Turn 7 Le Succes searches again, still no additional treasure. Now the Cleopatra is close enough (almost too close) to the island to quickly send out a shore party. No treasure!! Cleopatra resets her focus and rolls to go for the nearest treasure, which is where Le Succes is also headed.


On Turn 8 Le Succes continues moving along the coast, but now the enemy is also close by and a battle is clearly coming. Another quick search by Le Succes and a second treasure is found.

On Turn 9 Le Succes quickly searches once more, but still no treasure, but combat is imminent. Expecting the Cleopatra to move towards shore for a new search Captain Remmington is amazed when she inexplicably moves towards Le Succes. Perhaps the enemy captain wished to avoid a collision?


On Turn 10 there is combat between Le Succes and Cleopatra. Both ships are firing at B Range. The Cleopatra has a full broadside on Le Succes. 1 crew/crew/crew/0 damage is done on Le Success. The damage on Cleopatra from Le Succes is 3/crew.


Turn 11 Captain Remmington sees and knows his time for gold hunting is running short. The winds have picked up and the skies are darkening rapidly. The Cleopatra tries to come about to reach the treasure cache, which is still her focus, but in the interim Le Succes discovers a 3rd treasure, which is quickly taken on board.


On Turn 12 the Cleopatra while still focused on the final treasure spot is not making progress toward that goal. In fact Le Succes is now within range of the final cache, which she searches to reveal the last treasure.

On Turn 13 Le Succes moves off the board with a successful completion of her mission. Unfortunately for the Cleopatra she runs aground as the storm breaks, even as she fruitlessly rolls to focus on attacking Le Succes which is now out of range.


Captain Remmington successfully completed his mission by recovering 4 treasures and getting off the mat by Turn 15. He receives 2 ability points. Crew losses were bad but not catastrophic and still within scenario limits. Ship, Captain and crew return to port.

09-03-2014, 00:02
AAR Addendum (for grins and giggles).

Captain Remmington never learned who was commanding the Cleopatra and logically assumed the ship and crew were lost in the tropical storm that was closing on Le Succes. What actually happened to the Cleopatra will never be known. . .at least not in this galaxy. . .

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Good stuff--I always knew something was dodgy about the Bermuda Triangle... like the newspaper too!

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Nice touch with the newspaper.:thumbsup:

Comte de Brueys
09-07-2014, 11:17
Nice AAR, Jim. :wink:

Well done.

The first SiFi element spotted in an AAR here (and the Wings of Glory Aerodrome).:shock:

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Cue the Twilight Zone theme...

07-23-2015, 04:26
Great introduction, and game Jim.
I liked the dash for treasure by each ship.
Just a pity they did not get engaged sooner.