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08-28-2014, 14:09
Prussia (Player):
Kapitänleutnant Philipp von Mansfeld (Deft Captain) commanding the frigate Amazone (HMS Sybille)

Privateer (AI):
Captain Bartholomew Roberts (no special ability) commanding a frigate (Proserpine)

Location: Atlantic Ocean 30°07'42"N 15°51'55"W

Prussian Order: Find the four treasures and escape from the hurricane

Game settings:
Standard rules (Veer, Time to React for player ships, Raking Shots) but only firing with ball
Plus additional rules: Boarding, Forced Aim, Continuous Fire, Let the Men Drink!,
Crew Damage Effects on Captains, Disengagement and Ship-Hits instead of Base-Hits

Preamble: My name is Philipp von Mansfeld, Kapitänleutnant of his Prussian Majesty's Navy. :hatsoff:
Commanding the 40 guns frigate Amazone. I have the order to find a Spanish treasure,
hidden on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. Today morning the wanted island came in sight…


Round 2: This might be a lucky day for all of us.
The first landing troop come back with a treasure chest full of gold doubloons.


Round 5: The third landing troop find the next treasure.
“Good on you!” At that rate, we are back home as rich men in a couple of days.


...“Sails on the horizon - Starbord ahead!” Shouts the man in the crow’s nest.
I run on deck and take a look through the telescope.
"A full-rigged ship – no flags. Better we get prepared…"


But first: Teatime!
“Ensign James! Bring me a cake and coffee, please!”
While drinking the hot coffee I think about the mysterious ship on the horizon.
“Hope they don’t come to steal my treasures.”


Round 7: What I didn’t know - they do! :smack:


“Sir. The ship is coming closer. Any order?”
I put the last piece of cake into my mouth. Take a good gulp of coffee too and run up on bridge…


“Holy ****. These bastard is on collision track!”
Now the mysterious ship raises his flags – pirates!
“All men clear for boarding! Soldiers into the tops!”


Both ships crash together and pass slowly against each other.
The boarding is a massacre.
The privateer is not well equipped but we can’t capture the ship.


A big vibration. “Grounded! That’s not good.”
And it get worse. A few seconds later we get hit by a narrow broadside.
“What the hell is going on?”


We warp free but the privateer is sailing away.
Many pirates are killed and the captain gave order to disengage.
“Better only one small treasure on board than a wrecked ship on sea ground, right?”


Round 13: Just in the moment to give order for chasing the privateer I realize a huge dark cloud bank in the west getting closer.
“Full sails! Steersman: Course east! ...Hope we are faster than the hurricane.”


"But captain, maybe there is one more treasure?"
"Well, well. But hurry" I goad the landing troop... Who came back with one more chest of gold doubloons. :clap:
"And now let’s go home!”


Round 15: That was tight. Rescue at last second.
“Well done, men. Ensign James! What’s the dinner today? And one drink for everyone!”



08-28-2014, 14:09

The final status of the Prussian frigate Amazone, carrying three treasures:


The final status of the privateer, disengaged with one treasure:


Captain Philipp von Mansfeld (P) on the frigate Amazone: returned to port with three treasures, no injuries

Captain Bartholomew Roberts (AI) on a frigate: disengaged with one treasure, no injuries

+ 1 Point (3 treasures)
victory (+1) for the Royal Prussian Navy

...If I had a little bit more time I had surrendered the nasty privateer :cry:

08-28-2014, 18:13
Thanks Matthias! That was a very enjoyable AAR and I really enjoyed the coffee and cake. Of course now I'm hungry!?! :thumbsup:

08-29-2014, 02:02
Hi Matthias,

Nice AAR, enjoyed reading it till the very end. What a close finish.

Also, very nice first picture and I do like your turn counter.

08-29-2014, 04:43
Vey nice, thanks for the great report! Hmmm... where is my cake?

Comte de Brueys
09-07-2014, 11:13
Great AAR, comrade! :thumbsup:

We need to be fast if we have only 15 turns.

07-23-2015, 04:17
Very entertaining as usual Matt.
The dialogue was very amusing.
I also like your turn marker.