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08-24-2014, 11:42
South Bay specifically

Found a ship in a hobby shop last night, picked it up, looked cute, did some research, now I really want to play, but, nobody nearby to play with, so figured I would see who's here.

Little about me, Targe isn't my real name, but I use it like it is, and prefer to use it online, I'm an Eagle Scout, always loved the Age of Sail, and I'm currently studying to design ships for the Coast Guard or Navy, but as long as I'm not designing yachts for the rich (unless it's something for the America's Cup) I'll be very happy.

(Side note, my standard greeting is ahoy, so I find it amusing to see everyone else using it here)

08-24-2014, 12:53
Welcome aboard, Targe. :salute:

Take a look at our solo rules and campaigns; they are fun ways to engage when face-to-face opportunities do not present themselves. If you desire to join us, let me know and I will help you get started.

I did not see this post yet, so please disregard my invitation for you to do this. :erk:

08-24-2014, 13:09
Welcome aboard Targe!

08-24-2014, 14:10
Welcome to the Anchorage, Targe.

08-24-2014, 14:49
Ahoy, was at a hobby shop last night, saw the ships, always loved ships, decided to pick one up, later found the starter set, but, I have nobody close by to play with, so holding off on buying until I find someone.
(Semi related, Ahoy is my standard greeting, so it's amusing to see it as near standard here)

So yeah, a bit about me, from the South SF Bay Area, near San Jose. Targe isn't my real name, but it's the one I prefer to go by when online. I'm studying to design ships for the Coast Guard or Navy, but as long as I'm working on something that serves a purpose and isn't a yacht for the rich, I'll be happy. (Though I will make an exception for a yacht for the America's Cup)

08-24-2014, 15:24
Hello Targe. Welcome to the Anchorage!

You might want to check out the Solo Campaign Section of the site. There are solo rules in development and they work very well. Not the same as face to face, but I've found them challenging enough so far. :hatsoff:

08-24-2014, 15:41
waaah, double post, sorry folks!

08-24-2014, 15:44
LOL. Ahoy, again. :salute:

08-24-2014, 15:56
Welcome! :beer:

08-24-2014, 16:03
Just merged the threads - all in one place now.

08-24-2014, 16:16
Ahoy and welcome Targe. :salute:

08-24-2014, 16:33
Just merged the threads - all in one place now.

Thank you!

08-26-2014, 14:17
Ahoy Targe. Welcome from Arizona

Comte de Brueys
09-07-2014, 10:22
Bonjour Targe.

Welcome on board. :beer:

Capn Duff
09-10-2014, 04:28
A belated greeting from Bristol Targe, see you in the Wardroom

10-27-2014, 22:40
Belated welcome Targe, hope you are enjoying the Anchorage:drinks: