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Mister Rich
12-25-2011, 05:29
Any Visitor to tidewater area of Virginia has been advised to visit The Mariners Museum in Newport News Virginia. This is a a very special place. The museums collections range from local waterman to the currently being restored Monitor turret! One of the most unique exhibits is the August F. Crabtree
collection of model ships. The late Mr. Crabtree built highly detailed models. In the 1970`s on my visits he would be in the museum working on his latest
creation. Follow the link below for a link to an interactive online exhibit!




David Manley
12-27-2011, 11:46
I visited the Mariners Museum when I was in the US on holiday with the NWS in the 1990s. I agree, it is well worth a visit, and the addition of the turret of the Monitor just means i have to try to make a nother trip there :)

Mister Rich
12-27-2011, 18:45

Living an hour away i go up there every few years. The book store is too too tempting! On my last visit the Monitors turret had only just been moved there. I am looking forward to seeing the progress from large the tanks of murky water on my last visit!